I would love to claim I am this ultra creative type; however, the reality is I am not.  The great news is there are thousands of good souls out there who put awesome content out here on the web for us to use to become better parents.

So, today’s activity is simple, visit one of these great websites and print out one of their pre-made scavenger hunt activities for your kids.  Schedule 1 hour of your evening tonight and just get out and do one.

  1. Great Local Scavenger Hunt In a Neighborhood (all ages)
  2. Outdoor Play Scavenger Hunt (all ages)
  3. Night Time Scavenger Hunt (teens or kids with supervision)
  4. Nature Hike Scavenger Hunt (all ages)
  5. Another Outdoor Play Scavenger Hunt (all ages .. I use this one)
  6. Inside Scavenger Hunt
  7. City Scape Scavenger Hunt
  8. Grocery Store Scavenger Hunt (for all ages)
  9. Alphabet Scavenger Hunt (young kids)
  10. Picture Scavenger Hunt (Web / Newspaper / Magazine)

Dad’s, watch the look in your kid’s eyes.  Regardless of their age, if you engage, they will follow.

Want to add it to your calendar?  Click HERE!