It’s Time for Kids to Reclaim Halloween! Family-Friendly Activities for Parents to Consider

Remember the days when Halloween meant putting on a witch’s hat and trick or treating people’s homes for sweets and other tasty treats? Over the past few years, Halloween seems to have become a more adult orientated occasion. Spooky club nights draw people in skimpy outfits and horror films for ages eighteen plus are released. There may be a few different reasons for this. Firstly, we are more cautious when it comes to allowing our kids to knock on stranger’s’ doors. Secondly, there seem to be fewer fun things for the little ones to do. Well, it’s time for children to reclaim Halloween! The big day is fast approaching, and it’s time to start preparing. Here are a few spooky yet family-friendly activities to try out in your home this year.

Pumpkin Carving

One of the simplest and cheapest Halloween activities that almost anyone can engage with is pumpkin carving. Nowadays, you can pick up a good quality pumpkin from your local supermarket during your weekly food shop. Whether you want a miniature vegetable for tiny hands or a huge pumpkin for a group venture, there will be something to suit your family’s needs. Don’t allow your children to cut the pumpkin without your supervision. A good way to approach things is to carve a lid in the pumpkin and allow your children to scoop the contents out. Ask them to draw their own design on the front in a marker pen. Then you can keep sharp knives to yourself and carve the designs out for them. If you are looking to complete a more complex design, use stencils. There are plenty of premade free designs that you can print off from websites online. Remember to keep the pumpkin seeds and insides to one side. The flesh can be used for pumpkin soup or pumpkin pie, and the seeds can be coated in seasoning and roasted for a delicious finger food snack.

Scavenger Hunt

While you may not want your children to knock on stranger’s doors for treats, this doesn’t necessarily mean that they have to go without. Set up your own scavenger hunt. This will give your little ones a fun activity with the same delicious treats that you’d get from trick or treating. Why not make it a big event? Invite family and friends over and encourage them to bring their kids too. Setting up a scavenger hunt for children is easy. All you will need is some candy, scavenger hunt clues and someone keeping an eye on the proceedings. Create invitations early so that others can prepare themselves in advance.

Fancy Dress

Perhaps the most exciting part of Halloween for little ones is dressing up as spooky characters. There are plenty of options that are simple and cheap to create. Your first investment should be a face paint palette. This means that you can transform your child into a whole array of characters with ease. Keep a few stock items at hand. These can be stored away through the rest of the year and brought back out on Halloween. Consider witches hats, cat ear headbands, and ghoulish white drapes.

These simple steps will guarantee your children a fun-filled occasion that will leave them content and look forward to next year’s series of events.

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Family-Friendly Activities for Parents to Consider

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