The Dos And Don’ts Of Buying A Computer For Your Kids

The Dos And Don’ts Of Buying A Computer For Your Kids

It’s 2018, and that pretty much means all kids should have a computer. You don’t want them sitting in the house on it all the time, of course, but buying them a computer can mean enhancing their education, making doing their homework easier, and have other benefits on top of this. However, before you go out and purchase one, there are a few dos and don’ts you should consider. Read on to see what they are:

Do: Choose A Computer Based On How Your Kids Will Use It

Consider how your kids will use the computer and what they need it for. If it’s to do school work, they probably need a good internet connection and a few basic apps that will help them to complete it, as well as printing capabilities. If your kids also like gaming and you allow for a little of this each day (it can be beneficial in small amounts), make sure the computer is capable of handling this. You don’t want it to crash whenever they try to play a game.

Make sure you consider how old your kids are and choose something they are going to be able to get along with easily. In general, kids pick things up pretty quickly, but you should still be mindful of how tough the computer is to use.

Don’t: Choose A Computer That’s Too Complicated

Although you want to make sure your kids will be able to use the computer in the way they need to, you shouldn’t choose a computer that is too complicated. An expensive computer can look great, but if your kids aren’t going to be editing photos with photoshop, building websites, and using other apps to create things, you could save a little money by buying something more basic. It’s also worth remembering that computer repair may be needed from time to time, and a more complicated computer can be more difficult and expensive to fix.

Do: Put Your Computer In A Communal Space In The House

Having your computer in a communal space in the house can discourage your kids from looking at things they shouldn’t be looking at. It can also give you an opportunity to check on them every now and again to make sure they are getting on ok, as well as monitor their computer usage. Having a computer in their bedroom could keep them up at night – you may believe they are only on the computer for an hour to two each day, when in reality they are using it for a lot longer.

Don’t: Spy On Your Kids

You can buy software that monitors what your kids have been doing, but this can be seen as a little unethical. It’s probably a good idea not to spy on your kids. Instead, foster open communication with them so they know what they should and shouldn’t be looking at, and make sure they feel comfortable coming to you about something they have seen if they need to.

Do: Teach Your Kids About Safety Online And What Is Acceptable

It’s always important to have a little meeting with your kids to ensure they know how to stay safe online and what is acceptable. Make sure it’s explained to them in a way that is suitable for their age, and use examples to back up what you’re telling them.

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Julian Caldwell

Julian Caldwell

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