Week 5: Risk Taking and why it is important for your kids!

Executive Summary:  Risk Taking and why it is important for your kids! According to research, "Risk is an essential component of a balanced childhood. Exposure to healthy risk, particularly physical, enables children to experience fear, and learn the strengths and limitations of their own body." (1) With that being the [...]

Week 4: Teach them to the importance of humor

Executive Summary:  Teach them to the importance of humor A good sense of humor isn’t limited to adults alone, it transcends to little children also. It is important that they know how to have fun while at home, school or in the neighborhood. Laughing and having fun is a [...]

Week 3: If you give your kid a cell phone, kiss your family goodbye.

Executive Summary: kids and a cell phone... bad idea. I get it. “We can’t organize all of our activities without a phone.” “My kid is different; they only use it for calling me.” “If my kid doesn’t have a phone, they will be picked on.” “Smart Phones are not [...]

Week 2: Why is great communication key for your kid’s growth?

Executive Summary: Why is great communication key for your kid's growth? Very few things are more important than open communication in any relationship. That's doubly important in the family! If you are a busy family, which most families are, the importance you need to place on establishing good solid [...]

Week 1: Building Connection. Nothing is more important to your family.

Executive Summary:  Why is Creating a Connection Your Most Important Role as a parent? There is nothing more vital for you to do as a parent than establish your family as a safe place for your kids. Studies show: Children who experience a lack of emotional support, no connection, [...]

A Simple Way to Teach your Kids a Work Ethic

John’s a talker and can tell a story that keeps you laughing, but on this day I could see how tired he was when I went to drop off my daughter. It was only 10 in the morning and already he looked worn, well-worked leather gloves on, work boots [...]

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Saying Good-Bye for the Last Time – All the Time

Two years ago, my infant nephew was tragically and unexpectedly killed while under the care of his sitter. It started as a normal morning. He was dropped off with some play and smiles with his dad. Less than an hour later, there was a phone call. Recently in my [...]

Meet Jennifer Griffin. Extraordinary advocate for families!

Tell me about your family! Where do you live? How many kids? What do you do for fun? I am blessed to have four children, ages 7-16 years old, who I homeschool in Berkeley, CA. My adorable and super-involved husband is a teacher for Oakland Unified School District. We [...]

Please join our parenting challenge!

GetConnectDad.com has one goal:  Create More Connected Families.   As part of that goal, we have created an easy to follow 'template' that you can use to engage your family a little differently.   This 4-week series is designed to help you identify areas in your family where you can gain some more time, build a more solid connection with your kids and enjoy your time together more fully!

I called my daughter for the first time in a few years.

Wow, you say? Dad of The Year, you say? You run a successful parenting blog, you say? Yes, yes, yes. You see, the reality is I lost custody of my 22-year-old daughter when she was 13. I had 13 wonderful years where I was activity engaged in her life. That time came to an end when a judge, who knew me for less than 2 hours, took my engagement in her life away. The judge said, “I know she testified that she wants to stay with the father, but she is a girl and needs to be with her mom.” That was ten years ago.

Love, Compassion and Life

Parenting is hard. It has always been hard, and rightly so because raising children is a huge achievement. It’s even harder if we read a bunch of parenting books that often present an endless list of positive qualities our children should espouse. All these suggestions and guidelines can send [...]

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A Brief New Dad’s Survival Guide

Sometimes there is no time to absorb the fact that you are going to be a father. It is not uncommon to feel overwhelmed because you will have to work a few more hours at work or get a side job like many parents in these modern times. Some [...]

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How to Help Kids & Teens Develop Healthy Homework and Study Habits

Homework can be one of the toughest challenges your kids face while they’re in school, especially as they move up through the grades. They may have loved poring over books when they were in grade school, but most middle-schoolers and teens start losing enthusiasm as they’re assigned more and [...]

Meet the Omni Youth Programs!

Tell me about your family! Where do you live? How many kids? What do you do for fun? I live in Sacramento, CA and have two girls 4 and 11 years old. I have a passion for helping teens and their parents navigate the difficult transition to adulthood with [...]

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The Best Mother’s Day Gift: Improving as a Father

Mother’s Day is fast approaching. It’s Sunday, May 14th just so you know. A great gift you can give your wife for Mother’s Day is to be an equal parent. Show her she’s not in this alone. How we treat our wives as our children’s mother will shape their [...]

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This Makes Life Worth Living

Yesterday my Son and I took an impromptu trip to my headquarters (home depot) because I had a random idea for our back yard that I just had to act on. I loaded up my son in the truck and gave him his toys, and blankets, which he promptly threw off, and were on our way.

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Parenting With The End In Sight

Have you ever climbed Mount Everest? Me neither. But I am a father, and I imagine there are some parallels between the two. When you hike Everest, you do so for one reason: to reach the top. To look out from the world's highest peak and know that you have done something [...]

An Unexpected Special Needs Journey

I Was Meant To Be A Dad I'm a simple guy. There isn't much in this world that I have to have. There isn't much I seek to acquire. However, there is one constant longing that've had ever since I was a kid. There is one thing that I [...]

Fatherhood. It’s a Global Movement

Children have always been the center of a man’s universe. Since the beginning of time, Fathers have cast their own dreams aside and given our children – our bridge to the future – the freedom to dream dreams.

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How To Nurture Curiosity In Your Child

Whether we are adults or kids, curiosity is a path to happiness. When we allow our imaginations to roam freely and our minds to absorb whatever interests us, we feel happier and less stressed. Our children enter the world as happy little sponges, guided by lighthearted curious natures. Kids love to learn and make sense of the world. When you think about it, the amount of knowledge children acquire by being curious is truly amazing.

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