Building Connection: Nothing is more important to your family.

There is nothing more important for you to do as a parent than establish your family as a safe place for your kids. This is their connection to you forever.

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Stop The Crisis Before It’s Too Late

Everyone has experienced a difficult situation that got out of hand. One minute you were talking and the next, you find yourself shouting things you wish you had never said. What was it that caused your reaction? Did the other person attack you first? Did they say something hurtful? [...]

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Joint Custody Can’t Guarantee That Your Children Will Forgive You These Trespasses

It’s never pleasant when the family unit falls apart. As simple as that, happily ever after can come crashing down. If you’re lucky, you’ll get custody on set days. It’s hardly the happy picture you imagined when you started a family. Still, if you’ve reached the stage where you’re [...]

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5 Simple Ways to Address Your Daily Family Struggles

When your family life doesn’t quite run as smoothly as you’d like it to you sometimes wish you could run away and start all over again. The truth is, is that sometimes things don’t always come that easily. Life isn’t always like that romantic comedy you always see advertised [...]

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How Everyone Can Work To Stay Safe Online

Keeping safe online should be the name of the game for anyone, whether you’re a parent looking to protect your children or a business growing your empire. The reason it is important to remember that cybersecurity impacts everyone is because it is only via a joint effort that we [...]

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How Old Is Old Enough to Open a Savings Account for Your Child

How Old Is Old Enough to Open a Savings Account for Your Child? Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by PSECU, a Pennsylvania-based credit union. Millennials possess the envious position of topping out at No. 1 in the percentage of income saved when compared to baby boomers and Gen-Xers. As [...]

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How To Make Your Home Technology Kid-Friendly

Technology is everywhere in the modern age, and you can see this most clearly if you’re a parent. From smartphones to iPads, to gaming and services like Alexa, you would struggle to reel off all of the technology that you use on a daily basis within your homes, and [...]

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Are you doing what’s best post divorce for your kids?

If you’re in the wake of a divorce right now, then one of the most important things you’ll do is ensure you’re doing what’s best for your kids at this time. This is going to be a tough time for them, so making sure you’re doing what’s right is [...]

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The Importance Of A Digital Detox For The Family

The digital world is all around us and has been for a little while now that new generations are growing up with a mobile or tablet in hand to read books and to play games. And although this can be a great way for children learning new skills or [...]

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What’s Yours Is Yours: How To Manage After Divorce

Dealing with the breakdown of a relationship is hard, but dealing with the breakdown of a marriage is harder. When you choose to marry someone, you choose to become legally entwined with them, making a promise and signing a certificate to state that you love them so much that [...]

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The Nine Positive Rules Of Co-Parenting

Sharing the load as a couple when it comes to the children is complicated, especially if one or both of you are working. However, you muddle through and make it work because your children are depending on you to keep them warm, safe, fed and loved. The thing is, [...]

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3 Tips for Encouraging and Solidifying Positive Habits in Your Children

All good parents want to do whatever they can to ensure that their children are not only as happy and carefree as possible as children, but that they are also raised and inculcated with the right values and skills to turn them into effective, happy, and successful adults. It’s [...]

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Building Blogs: 3 Tips For More Credibility Online

  In the blogging world, it all comes down to who the audience will trust more and who they think has a bit more authority on certain subjects. Sure, it’s different when you’re running a lifestyle blog or a mommy blog - but, in terms of niche blogging, you [...]

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The Importance Of The Family Computer!

There are so many parts of the home that are important, and that play a major role in family life. One of the biggest ones is, undoubtedly, a family computer. In this day and age, the family PC might just be the most important piece of equipment you have [...]

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What Can We Do When Our Ex Wants Us Out Of Our Children’s Lives?

Maybe we're doing our best when we’ve separated from our partner and there are children involved, but when your ex makes the snap decision that they don't want you in the kids’ lives anymore this is a dagger to the heart of the worst kind. Maybe they're doing it [...]

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We Definitely Underestimate Our Children!

Your children are going to be the main reason that you keep going in life. Right from the very beginning, they just seem to give you a purpose in life that you might have felt like you didn’t have before. You no doubt are going to grow with them [...]

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Kids Get Stressed Too: 10 Sources Of Stress For Your Children

The Dos And Don'ts Of Buying A Computer For Your Kids Us parents like to think of our children as relatively chilled out, happy go lucky individuals. Sure, they have the odd fight with a friend or get a bit nervous before a test, but [...]

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Photo Tech To Capture Every Moment As It Comes

A lot of people don’t realize the importance of a tool like a camera until they have a family. There are so many moments you want to be able to preserve, and keeping them inside your head isn’t enough, revealing the true power of these devices. Of course, though, [...]

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