Becoming More Resilient With Your Finances

How resilient were you during your last financial setback? Was it a catastrophe that you are still bouncing back from? Did you learn anything that you will be putting into place to be better prepared for next time? I think it's not a matter of if we are resilient, I [...]

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How is Your Financial Health?

Remember these simple rules and you will be on your way to being much healthier. Know your net worth and do your monthly budget. Recognize and manage lifestyle inflation. See the difference between needs vs. wants and spend accordingly. Start saving early. Build and maintain your emergency fund. In [...]

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Why I Decided To Pay Off Debt

When I was just starting out on my own, there were many things going on in my life. I was learning what bills where and how they worked and how credit worked as well. I had a mindset of “how much a month”. If the amount was less than [...]

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