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Our son and daughter go to a kindergarten run by the local anglican church. Most non-profits seem to be run by the church here in Germany, in a benevolent Sound of Music kind of way. My daughter loves to sing the songs she’s learned at kindergarten at the top of her little lungs all day and all night. Her favorite song of late goes like this: “lasst uns miteinander, lasst uns miteinander – SINGEN, BETEN, LOBEN DEM HERRN!” (that last part is where I need to cover my ears so I don’t lose what little hearing I have left) The translation is, in effect: “Let us, with one another – SING, PRAY, and PRAISE THE LORD!”

The business of parenthood is a continual exercise in faith.

In order to discuss faithfulness with any degree of meaning, we must begin with a definition of the term. The meaning (or meanings!) we ascribe to the word “faithful” will determine the way we talk and think about it, and consequently, the way we model it for our children. We’ll talk about what it means to […]

Show Up

Show Up.

As a new father, it has caused me to think back on the things that my dad did for me that really meant something to me.

One of the most meaningful things for me as simply this. He showed up.

I am the middle of 4 kids. I have an older, twin and younger sister. Basically, I was […]