The Gentle Giant – Lessons in Empowerment From My Son

I am a lucky dad; both of my boys are well mannered and kind human beings. My little one Alonzo is especially sweet to everyone around him. He is also a big, strong dude. He is only eight years old but already over 110lb’s and can do more pushups [...]

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Becoming the leader of your pride

Lord, There is no doubt that in being a Dad there is a shift in how you think and how you feel. This can hit us at different times… For me, it was when my daughters were born and had to stay in the hospital’s special care nursery for [...]

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I Teach My Girls, “Women Rule”

I'll be honest from the start; I don't take much interest in politics and the news in general. I will take the occasional look especially when it's a major election like the one just gone in the USA or the vote for Brexit. I have found it quite inspirational [...]

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Let Him Stay A Kid a Little Longer

Every day, I realize how different you see things, how your imagination creates a whole new playground no matter where you are. How a book suddenly becomes a mountain for little toy men to climb, a towel becomes a river for a boat to sail on and a cardboard box [...]

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Our political future. It’s All in Their Hands

As the current election season rolls on and we now have a clearer picture of who will be occupying the White House next January, I can’t help but shake my head. Among family, friends and colleagues, it seems every opinion I hear is steeped in two primary feelings: 1) [...]

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Self-Discipline: “A child is not a vessel to be filled, but a lamp to be lit”

Keep in mind as you are reading this, it is 6:00 AM; my 7 month-old son is playing beside me; and mom is trying to get some sleep. Leading by example I believe that many traits on this list, including this one, for one, needs to be lived by example: [...]

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