He stands there in front of me,

Wearing his dimpled smile.

Filled with happiness,

And a beautiful innocence.

Little does he realize,

He’s taught me patience,

And constantly reminds that time doesn’t matter.

The love for him I can’t explain.

This compassion I feel,

And wanting only to see him happy.

Everyday a little bit more he changes,

Within the lessons he learns.

I helped create him,

Watched him […]

Being a Father and Raising Boys to Have Compassion

We teamed up this week with Simply BTs (an awesome YouTube Channel) and they answered the question, what do you want to teach your kids about being compassionate?  This, along with a ton of other great questions, were answered in this week’s video post by the awesome husband and wife team of Brandon and Bisceglia. If you haven’t […]

There will be great, positive vibes, more happiness and less hate going around.

Key Takeaways

  • We are responsible for making healing our nations
  • What do you want to leave your kids?
  • Being compassionate means caring for not only each other, but the world we live in.
  • If we are more compassionate, “There will be great positive vibes, more happiness and less hate going around.”

One of the best traits […]

Of Being Compassionate, Being Kind. In other words, having a heart !!

Key Takeaways

  • Why shouldn’t you share when you have an abundance?
  • Compassion is when you feel for someone.
  • How can I own a garden and have all it’s fruit when my people are going hungry?

Dear Kyra,

It’s fun imagining you reading these letters sometime in future and thinking why the hell couldn’t dad talk all these […]

Give your seat to an elderly person or a lady if you are a gentleman

Article Highlights

  • Leading by example is of all the traits the most important step
  • If you are patient with your child and show compassion, they will do the same to you and others
  • Being able to say no from time to time is very important.
  • Give your seat to an elderly person or a lady if you […]

A Golden Compass

Let compassion be your compass,

even as it was the passion of the Christ.

When you put yourself in someone else’s shoes,

you will live not one life,

but many;

as we become reincarnated in ourselves,

not just with defining moments,

but redefining ones.

For it’s when we lose ourselves in the service of others

that we often find ourselves,

and smile at the discovery.