Sports athletes are great, but dads are the real MVPs in their kids lives.

The USA won 121 medals at the 2016 Olympics in Rio this past summer. Americans young and old cheered on the athletes who gave it all they had at every event. My girls were especially elated to watch Gabby Douglas, Simone Biles, and Simone Manuel [...]

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Real Dads, Real Kids, Real Life

Championship season is here. The Penguins just took home the Stanley Cup. Within the next few days, the battle between Lebron and Steph will be over. This year's NBA Champs will hold up the trophy signifying that they're the best in the league. At the [...]

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Nothing about the first few months felt natural, parenting didn’t feel natural.

We’ve all been there. I know this because we’re here now. You have a child. You actually saw it happen. Well, some of it anyways. Stepping into the nursery with the doctor, a detached numbness hovers, and you have a hard time deciding what’s actually going on. Whatever you feel [...]

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The Fibs We Tell Our Kids

I remember as a kid being told not to tell lies, always tell the truth and yet here I am every day, telling the same white lies to my son. As a child, I was worried sick whenever I was eating an apple that I may accidentally swallow an apple [...]

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Authenticity, the biggest thing I can teach my son.

As our children grow up and start school and start making friends, the pressure to fit in with the other kids is intense. This is the beginning stage of our kids “finding themselves.”  It is also the time when they start comparing who they are with the others around them. [...]

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What have our children come to teach us? Be Authentic

In our effort to instruct, inform and guide our children, we often forget the importance of just allowing them to be, to experience something without our commentary. Simply put, when we stop talking and truly observe and listen, we witness children’s organic intelligence. And they teach us, they prod [...]


Father! there are some that do not deserve that title, not realizing that every child needs someone so vital. To be a parent, is a honour not a necessity, and yet some quickly relinquish all responsibility. Stuck in a situation of not our own circumstance, and yet we're labelled a [...]

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Our Selves

We were created, not without form or void, but fearfully and wonderfully made. When two of our worlds cross paths— be they church or work, work or home— the inhabitants of each should recognize us as being the person they know. Be the genuine article that comes with a certificate [...]

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Be What You Are Kid, Be Authentic!!

Dear Kyra, How is growing up treating you? Are you having fun? Last night, me and your mom were watching you trying to copy a dance step from a latest Bollywood number and it was such fun to watch! You were trying to imitate dance steps and every clap from [...]

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They pick up on everything…

I think one of the most fantastic things about children is that they pick up on everything. Everything. All of your mannerisms, your nuances, everything. Sometimes it’s cute- like when they repeat a unique phrase or do the same bodily gesture and look at you and smile. Other times, not [...]

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Be Yourself, Everyone Else is Taken

At 8:31am on June 30, 2016 I became a dad. The first few days of parenthood were terrifying, but as the weeks passed my wife and I began to get “somewhat” of a handle on our parenting style. Now that my son is almost 6 weeks old (parents count weeks, [...]

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Be Authentic

Seems like the word has started to be more of a buzz word and lose some of it’s meaning so before we go any further, we should define it. According to Webster Dictionary authentic means: real or genuine : not copied or false, true and accurate, made to be or [...]

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Spoiled Waffles. Be Authentic

As individuals we spend most of our lives trying to find who we are. At least for me the search was a tumultuous and awkward one. Then once I finally started to feel comfortable in my own skin as an adult, fatherhood came along. Now I had to edit [...]