Can we teach toddlers to be accountable? Is the Pope Catholic?

The other day my 18 month old son, who – if you follow me on social media know – I lovingly refer to as TRex, threw his food on the floor.  Cause you know… that’s what toddlers do.  We’re timeout parents, and as this was the umpeenth time throwing his food at dinner, he went to […]

I will continue to lead and guide my child on the right path of life. It’s my job.

First off, what is the definition of accountability? To me, it means being responsible and taking responsibility for my own actions.  How do I teach this to my young son as he grows up?

As our children grow up, they are going to have to make more and more choices and decisions in their young lives. Teaching my five-year-old […]

If you make a mistake, fix it. A dad’s message to his boys.

We often confuse being responsible for something with being accountable for it. It is easy to say, “I am sorry”, and thinking things get fixed, but unfortunately that is not how life works. Well it can work that way, but you will leave a long list of people who you have hurt along the way. It […]