Your Quick Family Kitchen Guide

If you have kids, then creating a suitable family kitchen is crucial to ensure everybody’s happiness in the house. A family kitchen will be safer, giving parents peace of mind, and more suitable for kids to use whatever they may be doing. Here’s your quick family kitchen guide to help you create your own:

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Depending on how old your kids are, childproofing may be necessary. Toddlers and kids who are a little older tend to get into everything. You don’t want them rooting through the medicine cabinets when you’re not there, or getting their hands on dangerous cleaning supplies. Make sure you’ve spent time childproofing your kitchen. Put locks on cupboards they shouldn’t get in, and cover up sharp corners with something soft. Get down to their level and look at what they see too. These things will help you to create a much safer kitchen environment for your kids.

Appropriate Seating

Your whole family is going to need some form of seating in the kitchen. The only way this can be avoided is if you have a small kitchen and no space to sit around. However, more often than not, kitchens are used for all kinds of things, from eating breakfast to doing homework. Make sure you have seating suitable for everybody, so that the time you spend in their together can be considered quality time.

Carefully Chosen Appliances

When you have young kids living with you, you can’t go around buying appliances like there’s no tomorrow. You need to make sure your appliances are carefully selected, looking at reviews and what parents say about them especially. Some appliances may be fine for couples but totally unsuitable for kids. Even your french door fridge should be carefully researched before you decide on a specific model. Child safety should be your number one concern when looking for new appliances, before focusing on energy star rating.

Different Types Of Lighting

As mentioned before, the kitchen is usually used for different things. This means ensuring you have the correct type of lighting for these things. For example, for homework, you’ll need task lighting, as well as for cooking food. If you entertain people in the kitchen, more atmospheric lighting can be considered.

Create Designated Zones

Designated zones help to better organize a kitchen. You’ll need zones for preparing food, zones for cooking, zones for eating, zones for doing anything else you do in there. This will help your kids to keep things tidy and organized too.

Appropriate Storage Solutions

Finally, the kitchen can gather a lot of junk over the years. Make sure you have appropriate storage solutions so that it can stay looking as aesthetically pleasing as possible while keeping your items safe. There are all kinds of storage solutions you can look into, but it’ll depend on the size of your kitchen and how much stuff you have to store.

It isn’t difficult to create a great family kitchen. You need to consider your needs first and foremost, but ensure that your kids will remain safe and comfortable.

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Julian Caldwell

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