Having the ability to create a brand new us is a blessing. Life can sometimes put us through our paces. We have to show resilience far more often than we would like to. 

So, when it comes to some of these not so great situations. How we deal with and react to them is of the highest importance. Today we are going to look at taking positive steps when it comes to dealing with not so positive situations.

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Lost Your Job

Losing your job can be one of those situations that empties you out. You feel entirely hollow and unsure of what you are going to do.

This is where flipping your mindset can make a difference. If you have been doing the same job, for the same people for the last ten years for no real reward, the answer is simple. It is time you started doing that job but for yourself.

If over the years you have developed a skill set in a particular field, but you are just making money for somebody else, why not make that money for yourself. It probably sounds difficult, and for some parts, it is going to be.

What is important to remember is simply this. If you have all the tools and skills to do a job, would you pay somebody else to do it for you?


Separation is one of the toughest things most of us are unlucky enough to go through. It causes an incomparable pain that sometimes can seem too much to deal with.

What is important to remember in situations like this is logic. Sometimes, things don’t work out, and we are pretty much guaranteed in time to find somebody else that is equally, if not more compatible with us. After all the chances of finding love are in fact 1 in 562. 

Take into account that the average American sees 5000 people per day. Then every day you pass at almost four people that you could fall in love with. So rather than mope around the house thinking about how much pain you are in, call up some divorce lawyers and put yourself back out there.


Mental Health

One in four of us will experience some form of mental health problem at some point in our life. Looking at these numbers is almost scary.

Should you find, yourself locked in and under the trap of a mental health issue. You should not lock yourself away. These are problems, are always best-tackled head-on. There is no better way of dealing with a mental health problem than changing your environment and most importantly, talking about the issue.

By doing something like tackling these problems quickly, we can find a way to deal with it and make in nothing more than a stepping stone.

Moving forward from issues like this is a case of recognizing the triggers and making positive steps to keep away from those situations where possible. 

Hopefully, these few steps will help you deal with what may seem like impossible situations. Sometimes, we need to step back from a situation to easily see a solution.

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