Please Kids, Remain Humble

One of the key things I want my children to learn is to remain HUMBLE. We were once at rock bottom, living in the shelter while their mom was pregnant.  This was not an ideal situation for anyone, but we got through it and back on our feet. We are not better than anyone else and at one point in time, we were probably in a very similar situation.

Chances are the kids may have been too young to remember or understand the situation, but it still happened.  Thankfully, everything we take for granted today came from hard work and great effort.

We have always tried to show our kids that even though some kids have it easier than they do, or “better” in the sense of more video games or toys, that there are others who are less fortunate, who don’t much of anything.

We have always tried to show the kids to give to the charities, food drives, toy drives and even support the troops. Our kids have become very comfortable with the idea of giving up their old toys to those kids who don’t have any toys. Of course, it also makes room for new toys, but those in which will run their course through the household and end up becoming a gift to someone else.

Besides their charity, we also have the online toy store where we sell some of the toys, at a price we think is affordable for an adult. Instead of trying to hold out for a collector or some old man who is only going to shelf the item, we like to gear our store towards those parents and families that may not be able to afford the nicer things, new from the store.

We know there are parents who work two jobs each and have bills to pay and they can’t go out and buy new things for their kids.  Our kids believe that this isn’t fair, so we include them in the act of offering them another solution.

Either our kids are helping clean and organize our products, helping us carry packages to the post office, or simply watching how much goes on behind the scenes.  Because they are engaged, they know how hard we have to work for the little bit of spending money we get.

Now mind you, we’re selling at a reasonable rate so we really aren’t getting rich: at all!  Our process shows our kids the value of a dollar, and how hard and how many dollars we need to earn for things like rent, electricity, and food.  Just like everyone else, we have to work for those things.

I don’t want my kids to feel that they are better than those people because they’re not.  Having money, cars, or anything else doesn’t make you a good person.

We may not have a PS4, a brand new minivan, or flat screen TVs in every room, but we do have a family that loves each other, helps others, and genuinely cares about the well-being of others.  We are hard working and honest with big hearts. And that’s something to be humble about.

In our opinion that is what really makes someone rich!

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