Pitching A Camping Vacation To The Fam

Dads are drawn to the Great Outdoors like women are to Ryan Gosling. There is just something so alluring about its natural beauty that’s hard to resist. I’m talking about camping, not Mr. Gosling! Unfortunately, the family never feels the same way about going on a camping vacation. To them, it’s a waste of holiday time which could be better spent on a beach or around a pool. There will be a lot of fellas that feel this pain, and it’s a deep hurting. Come on – it’s fun and cheap at the same time, a dad’s perfect getaway!

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For those of you that don’t want to give up on the dream, you have to become a salesman. Sell the idea to the fam and they won’t be able to resist. The thing is which areas do you promote and which ones do you leave in the dark? Here are a few tips to help.

Camp Like A Champ

Guys love the idea of swatting away mosquitoes and melting S’mores by the fire yet your wife and kids won’t agree. They want a little bit of luxury in their lives, and you should compromise. Camping is hard enough without having to go to the toilet in the bushes. So, instead of camping, try glamping. The term was coined by posh festival-goers who wanted to enjoy music without getting muddy, and the idea has taken off. Nowadays, it’s not uncommon to see tents with cable TV and fully working electrics. At least the kids will have a way to relieve the boredom while eating a proper meal. A working shower and a bathroom will go a long way, too.

Hit The Weather Hotspots

It’s now February, which means California is the only place where temps get above 10 degrees Celsius. Even Bear Grylls wouldn’t enjoy a night in below zero temperatures, so your family is bound to hate you forever. Being at one with nature is best done when the climate is hotter and there isn’t a chance of freezing to death. With that in mind, you might want to pitch the idea for the spring or summer. That way, the rest of the family won’t have to deal with terrible weather ruining the experience. Camping-enthusiasts find sitting in a tent all day very boring. A savvy move is to choose a place which is known for its warm weather so that there can’t be any complaints.

Propose Cool Activities

Children, in particular, see camping as boring because they don’t understand anything that isn’t digital. A vacation that doesn’t involve playing video games is not cool in their eyes. However, you can change their attitude by introducing them to adrenaline-filled activities. The Great Outdoors is a perfect place to go for a hike, take a canoe out for a paddle, or tackling whitewater rapids. The last one will make them want to go camping every year! Also, try and use nature to your advantage. Boys especially love the prospect of an adventure, so use these Free Survival Gear samples to give them one. Picking berries from a tree and making fire are two basic yet ‘totally sick’ ways to grab the kid’s attention.

Try A Dry Run

Now, it’s worth noting that this can go one of two ways. Either they love it and can’t wait to go live, or they hate it and will push back even more. Still, a test run is an essential sales method as long as you know the tricks of the trade. For example, it’s important to shine a metaphorical light on the cool side of camping. So, don’t make them put up the tent or complete chores during the test run; save it for the vacation! Instead, take them on a hike or grab a bike and go and explore. Build a campfire and sit and around with dinner and bond. Or, let them do whatever they want and give them their space. Hopefully, these tips will be enough to make them excited about the prospect of doing it for ‘real.’ Just make sure you have a good quality tent and pick a plot that is full of like minded kids so that they can bond.

Take The Car

It’s amazing how many dads want to go extreme and be at one with nature. Yep, even to the point where they don’t pack the car. Hopping on a bus or a train and heading out into the unknown is every guy’s dream, but this vacation isn’t about one person. The whole family has to be comfy, and they won’t be if they have to trudge around with kilos of camping equipment. But, you want them to feel at home, so it’s vital that they don’t pack extra light. Your car is a quick fix in this scenario. Not only does a combustion engine do all of the strenuous work, but it has plenty of storage space. Therefore, everyone can pack as much as they want without having to carry it around the length of the United States. Plus, you can use the car to attach an awning to make your tent more secure.

Ditch Camping

Why would you ditch the idea completely? It’s because you can have the experience without sleeping in a five-man tent for two weeks. A camping holiday is about being outside and enjoying Mother Nature, and that’s just as easy in a caravan. From the family’s point of view, it’s bigger, warmer, and has more to do when the boredom hits. Should a static home seem like cheating, there’s always an RV. A motorhome itself is perfect for families because it has all the amenities and lots of storage space. Plus, it adds to the experience as it feels like a scene from a movie and kids love pop culture references. Think of it as the next step up from glamping.

Dads, you need to be able to sell the vacation if you are going to change everyone’s minds. Do you have any other tricks up your sleeve that might help?

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Julian Caldwell

Julian Caldwell

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