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A lot of people don’t realize the importance of a tool like a camera until they have a family. There are so many moments you want to be able to preserve, and keeping them inside your head isn’t enough, revealing the true power of these devices. Of course, though, when you are putting a lot of effort into taking photos of your family, it can be easy to miss out on the first-hand experience of each shot you capture. To help you out with this, this post will be exploring some of the best ways to take this work out of your hands, putting it onto the shoulders of a couple of trusty gadgets.


One of the most challenging aspects of taking photographs of a family is remembering to pick up the camera every time something is worth capturing. A lot of people miss out on the moments they’d to set in stone, simply because they are too busy enjoying them in real life, and this calls for an easier way to handle this. Most modern cameras and smartphones have features which enable you to take time-lapse recordings with ease. Using a tripod, this will give you the chance to set the camera down somewhere, leaving it to take a long series of snaps which will give you loads to choose from.

Burst Shooting

Sports photographers have been using burst shooting for a very long time to help them to capture action and movement when they can’t predict it. Nowadays, smartphones have similar options available, giving you the chance to continuously shoot while you have the shutter button pressed down. This will give you a long series of photos, leaving you to choose the ones which look best, discarding the rest of them. Some devices can even tell you which image they think is the best, though this is a feature which most people will be able to replicate with their own eyes. This will take a little bit of work when it comes to going through your library.

Camera Drones

Motion tracking, facial recognition, and automated flight have come a long way over the last couple of decades. Nowadays, this sort of technology is available to anyone, with the advancements in this area making the products which use it much cheaper. The drone options found on sites like are perfect for people who rather enjoy photographs rather than taking them. Being able to follow subjects around, automatically take photos, and a fly for a long time, this sort of product would make a great addition to any hike or outdoor adventure.

Wearable Gimbals

Gimbals are designed to make video recording smoother, using sets of motors to keep the device completely level. In the past, tools like this were exclusively reserved for companies with a lot of money and were far too large for most people to use comfortably. Nowadays, though, you can find wearable gimbals which are light enough to go unnoticed during normal activities. Holding an action camera, like a GoPro, a product like this is best for those who like to take videos of their time together. This may not win you any awards when it comes to style, but it will make your life much easier as a family documentarian.

Other Wearable Cameras

Of course, though, gimbals aren’t the only way to wear your cameras. In fact, over the last few years, loads of products like this have hit the market, and a lot of today’s examples are very discrete. Camera glasses, for example, make it almost impossible to tell that there is a recording device without any modifications. Loads of companies are selling products like this at the moment, making it worth reading some reviews before you choose which one you’d like to go for. Like the gimbals, this sort of option is best for video, though you can often take photos with them, too.

360 Cameras

One of the biggest advancements found in the camera world over the last few years is the software which comes with them. Able to manipulate images before the user ever sees them, there are a lot of devices out there which can seemingly perform magic. 360 degree cameras are a great example of this, being able to record a full view of the world around you, using only a couple of sensors to do the job. By putting a device like this in the middle of a room, you will be able to record everyone at once, creating footage which you’d have to work hard to get if you were recording it by hand.


Not a lot of people realize quite how inexpensive modern CCTV systems can be, despite their ability to record very high-quality footage. A big part of this is thanks to the lack of reliance on a large recording setup, instead of being able to use a tiny computer to do this job. With just a few cameras dotted around the house, you can start to record footage of everything, from the mundane and uninteresting, to some of the most important parts of your family’s lives. Of course, along with this, this sort of product will also improve the security of finding at home, adding more benefits to them.

Remote Control

Finally, as the last option to consider on this list, it’s time to think about an option for those who’d like to stay in charge of the images which they’re taking. Most modern cameras have the ability to connect to smartphones and computers while they’re operating. Giving you the chance to control them with your pocket computer, this can make it easy to simply set the camera up and press a button whenever you’d like to capture something. It’s easy to overlook tools like this, with a lot of people ignoring them when they’re choosing a camera. If this option exists, though, it will be well worth trying to pick it up.

With all of this in mind, you should be feeling ready to take on the challenge of being the best family photographer the world has ever seen. Of course, this goal might be a little way off, but you can still push yourself in the right direction with the right tools, techniques, and planning.

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