Never Too Late! Repairing The Bond With Your Father Later In Life

Communication is one of those lifelong problems that we all suffer from, especially when it comes to certain family members. While you might consider your relationship with your father to be fraught at best, when you take into account the tragedy of the later years, and all of the conflicting emotions that you might see your friends go through, you know the sort, death, depression, and regret, it is the catalyst for many of us to look to repair our bond with our father before it’s too late. Are there any simple olive branches we can begin with?

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Use Technology

Let’s get this out the way, sometimes technology is a major barrier, it can be the cause of miscommunication. Sometimes, distance means that we communicate less with our fathers. Age is an excuse a lot of the time, but, this is definitely the first step to make. There are cell phones for seniors now, you can visit for more information on these. But it’s quite simple – phone your father – no matter how much it pains you to do it.

Ask Questions

If the conversation is a little thin on the ground, building that bridge can feel very stressful. This is where some communication tactics might come in handy, there are some handy questions on to have a look at purely as starting off points so that the conversation can begin to flow in the right direction. You might learn so much about your father that is, actually, quite interesting.

Regular Visits

Once conversation begins to (vaguely) flow, it’s time to increase the regularity of your visits. There are things in life that stop us, children, work and so forth, but they will always appreciate the fact that you made an effort to go and visit them. We all do.

It’s Not A Competition

Sometimes there are things we can’t get over when it comes to our relationship maybe they need to have the last word, or maybe everything seems like a thinly veiled attack. But, there is no point in getting your back up, and it can feel like a competition at times, but instead, try and maintain a higher ground. And, this can be very painful, especially if you feel that you need to correct your father about something, but this is only going to destroy the work you’ve made at building a better bond.

We all have pangs of regret when it’s too late, and we see it all the time. You might not have the best relationship with your father, but it’s something that makes itself apparent when you have your own children, how much they did for you. Yes, we all know someone who has a deadbeat dad. And yes, those relationships are the most difficult to repair. If you grew up with a father that wasn’t around much, but you have an inkling at the very back of your mind to repair this relationship, then it’s always worth trying. If it doesn’t work for whatever reason, fine. But if you didn’t try, there will be no regrets.

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Julian Caldwell

Julian Caldwell

Julian Ivey-Caldwell founded GetConnectDAD with one simple goal: Connect more families to their kids. Julian works a day job and spends his evenings (after the family retires) continuing to grow this platform. Because he travels a great deal for his “day job,” he is intensely focused on trying to find better ways for fathers and mothers who work long hours, different hours, or unusual hours find better ways to be engaged.

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