Never Hear Your Kids Utter The Words ‘I’m Bored’ Again

Think of something your kids say often. You know, sort of like a catchphrase. For many parents, that phrase will be ‘I’m bored.’ Kids say that a lot, don’t they? If yours don’t, then you obviously don’t need this article and you can go on your merry way!

Oh, you’re still here? Thought so. If you’d like to take the words ‘I’m bored’ right out of your children’s vocabulary, then you’ve come to the right place. Here are some ideas and tricks you can use to stop your kids from uttering this terrible phrase (without needing to threaten to take their toys off them). Enjoy:

Introduce Them To Different Hobbies While They Are Young

First of all, it’s a good idea to introduce your kids to an abundance of different hobbies while they are young. Kids pick up things much faster than adults tend to do. So, for example, you could introduce them to a hobby you used to love as a kid. You could take them to a gymnastics class, which they can then practice at home (eliminating boredom), you could encourage them to learn a musical instrument – the list goes on. Ideally, it should be a hobby that they love. These things don’t need to be expensive, as there are a ton of YouTube tutorials and things they can use to help them if they get stuck.

That being said, lessons in a group or one on one will likely be easier for them at the start, and give them a better idea of whether they truly want to pursue something. Let them try lots of different things, and don’t pressure them too much to stick to one thing. They need to explore things while they’re young, and they can always come back to something later on!

Make Sure They Have Everything They Need To Create Fun Stuff

Make sure your child has all of the supplies they could possibly need to create fun stuff. This could be paper, colored pens and felts, pipe cleaners, and plenty of other arts and crafts materials. They can create some really cool things when left with their imaginations. They can even use the computer to write poems and books, or learn things with fun educational games online. They can learn how to make and do pretty much anything using the internet, and if you get them some of the supplies, they have no excuse not to do something fun with them.

Spend Quality Time With Them

Are you spending enough quality time with your kids? By telling you they are bored, they could really be telling you that they want your attention, or that they miss you. How much are you working, or leaving them to their own devices? It isn’t always up to you to help them when they say they get bored, as this can create unhealthy habits where they struggle to come up with ideas alone. However, setting time apart as often as you can for quality time is a good idea. Get out of the house with them, go to the park, or just go for a nice walk. Getting out of the house should stop you all from going stir crazy.

Do Fun Things Together Regularly

Make sure you do fun stuff as a family regularly. This doesn’t have to be expensive, like going to a theme park. It could simply be having a movie marathon. You don’t even need to rent these films out and spend a ton of money. There are affordable all in one plans that allow you to watch films too – you can learn more online if you need something like this. Your kids won’t be young forever, so make sure you make the most of them while they actually want to sit and spend time with you.

Know How To Handle This Dreaded Phrase

You should notice that with the above techniques, the dreaded phrase isn’t uttered very often at all. However, it’s worth remembering that when your child says this, they’re really telling you that they are not engaged. Oftentimes this is because kids are always doing something where they are being told what to do, i.e. school, after school clubs, etc. When they aren’t, they don’t know what to do with their free time. It’s natural that they would expect you to tell them what they should do, as this is what happens most of the time.

Remember that it isn’t your job to come up with solutions all the time when boredom crops up. This will lead to more boredom in the long run. Leave it to them to find out what they are craving and what satisfies their boredom. Answer them by telling them to enjoy this free time they have and find something that excites them. If that doesn’t work, and they still complain, there are a few other things you could say. You could tell them that you have a long list of chores that they can get stuck into, for instance. This will more often than not leave them hunting for something fun to do like there’s no tomorrow. You could also ask them if this means they are done with all their toys, and whether you should give them away. This is meant as a joke, of course, but it should make them see that they actually have plenty to do, and can find something if they really want to.

Just make sure you listen to them, as what they say can really help you to understand them better. Maybe they are finding their homework too easy or too tough. Maybe what they are really saying is that they’d like to spend more time with you. Don’t invalidate their feelings when you encourage them to find something to do alone.

Hopefully, following this advice stops your kids from using this phrase so much. If you have any tips or tricks that have worked for you, make sure you leave them below. Come back soon!

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Julian Caldwell

Julian Caldwell

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