Making Life Easier For Lefties

It is quite rare to have a member of the family who is left-handed, but if you do have a child who is left handed, there are a number of products that will make their lives easier as they grow up and develop. If you want to help your left-handed child to develop this year, here are some of the things you can buy.

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A mouse

With pretty much everything being online these days, one of the first items you will want to buy your child is a left-handed mouse. You may think that a mouse is a mouse, but actually, there are special indentations on the left-handed one which make life easier for your child, and the left and right-hand clicks and swapped for convenience. You can find the best left-handed mouse online and make things easier for your child when they browse.


You may remember in school that your teacher would bring out a tray of scissors, and only one or two pairs of these scissors would be colored green and yellow. These scissors were made of left-handed children and had a different alignment of blades for easy cutting. You can buy a pair of left-handed scissors online and keep them in the kitchen for your child to use when they need it.


Stabilo ‘s Move Easy rollerball pen is the best one you can possibly buy for your left-handed child. This pen is made with a grip which is molded to fit your left hand. Left-handed children will often find it much harder to learn how to write, and this can make a massive difference to their ability to learn, it would be helpful if you could teach them how to use the pen and let them use this while you teach them to write for the first time. Writing aid

If a pen doesn’t make things much easier for your child to learn, you can invest in a writing aid which will allow them to hold the pen j. A better position for their wrist. The aid consists of a loop which goes over the wrist, a loop which ties around the pen, and a cord with a charm which you place in your hand. All of these different points of pressure help to keep the pen in an ideal position for writing on paper. It encourages your child to be able to write more fluidly and be able to practice their handwriting with much less effort.

Tin opener

As your child grows a little bit older, they may want to help out in the kitchen or prepare their own snacks now and again. One of the best pieces of equipment you can buy for a left-handed child in the kitchen is a tin opener. You will know that a classic tin opener has the handle on the right-hand side and allows you to spin the tin from the right, of course, the left-handed version is the opposite. It will mean that your left-handed child can help themselves to a tin of soup when they need it.

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Julian Caldwell

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