Making Your Home to Fit Your Family

Moving to a new, bigger place, I thought that organizing and decorating would be a cakewalk. But as my husband and I started unpacking, we realized that we would have to adapt the place to our needs much more than we had previously thought.

Honestly, I was happy because of this so-called complication, simply because I love the notion of nesting, and I tend to make these situations as fun as possible! Here are some of the changes we’ve made and plan to make soon, as we’d both like our boys to feel that this is our home, and we plan to stay here for a long time.

Extra Storage

With all that extra room we now have, especially in the kitchen, I didn’t expect that I’d have to come up with added storage solutions. My absolute favorites are the cabinet rollouts, because ever since I have those, I know I’m using all the room I have for my cookware and cleaning supplies, and I no longer have to worry that a pan will fall out as soon as I try to open the cabinet.


We realize that we would have to adapt the place to our needs much more than we had previously thought. Click To Tweet

My husband made a couple of smaller bookshelves where we keep flowers and framed photos, so they make the bedroom look cozier. We’d both like to have some more wardrobe space, especially for hanging clothes, so we’re considering an additional sliding-door closet when we’re able to afford one.

We’ve also created a small creative corner for our kids, with their desk covered in added “pockets” for their drawing paper, coloring material, jigsaw puzzles and action figures. It helps them find everything they need more quickly, and it makes the desk look more festive, so they don’t strictly associate it with homework only.

Think Small

Shopping for small items that will turn a house into a home is the proof that decorating on a budget can actually be both creative and fun. As opposed to overflowing the place with gimmicks and trinkets, we went for buying fewer things that would be to our taste and go well with the house.

For example, there isn’t much we can do for our tiny terrace, there’s already very little room for maneuvering around with two kids, as well as our humble entrance porch, so we picked the two things that make all the difference.

We added several hanging flower pots and two practical door mats, my personal favorite being the one at the front door, with the tree of life painted on it. It’s simple to vacuum and it helps me keep the house clean from the very first step.


Since I’m not a minimalist by nature, it took me a while to let go of some of my old clothes, shoes, pillows, blankets, and our kids had the same problem with some of their toys and old coloring books they even forgot they had, as you can imagine!

Now, most of our decluttering happened while we were still in the packing and unpacking phases of the move. But as we’re still reorganizing, we keep coming across things we have no use for, and instead of stuffing them in the least used kitchen cabinet, we give them away.

In the last month or so, we’ve donated several bags worth of our sons’ clothes and shoes they have outgrown, some of my old cookware, and plenty of tools my husband kept without knowing he had extras.

All in all, each morning I wake up, it feels more like home than the day before. It’s a work in progress, and we still have a long way to go before I can say that every nook and corner of this place truly resonates with my family, but we will definitely savor every moment of building our new home.

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