Make Parenting Unique With These Great Gadgets

Technology is influencing our lives every day in business and in leisure, so it makes sense that our parenting is going to be enhanced by it, too. In this day and age, parents need all the help that they can get to make life run as smoothly as possible, and thanks to technology this has become so much simpler.

With the birth of social media, technological gadgets are able to reach far and wide to those who need it. Whether you want to your beach holiday with the kids more exciting with waterproof drones and a GoPro, or you want to make your day to day life calmer with a MyHummy in the cot with the baby, technology could enhance the way you parent. We’ve got some of the best gadget ideas that have been invented, purely for your parenting experience to be dazzling!

A Thermometer With A Twist!

Babies are notoriously difficult when they aren’t well – and rightly so. They cannot tell us what’s hurting them or what is making them so unhappy. Trying to take a temperature in the middle of the night is a big no-no – sleeping babies are like bears, you don’t poke them. This pacifier doubles as a thermometer, making those late-night temperature checks far easier on you!

Bounce & Sway

Babies love to be held and bounced. As a parent, you may notice that you bounce and sway while you’re cuddling your baby and this is what soothes them. The problem arises the moment you stop that movement. The mamRoo Swing doesn’t buzz and swing back and forth like a traditional swing; it bounces and sways like you do. It won’t replace you, but it’ll give you five minutes to scoff a sandwich while you can.

Breathe Easy

Parenting isn’t without worry, and with the rate of SIDS being lower than ten years ago, but still high enough to be a concern, worry you will. The Snuza Baby Monitor clips to the diaper on your baby and will sound an alarm when there has been no movement for 15 seconds. Technology is saving lives in hospitals every day – why not your home?

Break With An iPad

No one wants to be ‘that’ parent, who shoves the iPad at their bored preschooler. Luckily, there are companies out there that are creating app after app stuffed full of educational material. This makes screen time worth it if it’s going to teach your little critters a little something, allowing you to get some housework done!

Technology doesn’t have to dominate your home. You probably have enough of it going on from the house alarm system to the Alexa box that answers all your questions. The important thing to remember about introducing technology to your parenting is that you are the one in control and you can keep it that way. Make life easier with the kids, but don’t forget that they want you first and not a gadget.

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