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Our adventure began in 1990. Time to leave the rest behind us and be in the moment. Therefore, dwelling on the past does not help. I could not worry about what the future held for us. Concentrating on the moment at hand is important. My neighbors decide they would follow us to Las Vegas, making sure that we got to where we are moving. My son is excited because it means his friend could see where he is living. I place my son in the front seat of the car and there are joyful thoughts on his face.

“Mommy our car is dying!”

Traveling through the California freeways, my son looks at all the cars and says “Where are they all going, mommy?” I told him maybe that were all going where we are, he laughed. My son’s laughter is the most beautiful sound in the entire world. As we headed up Cajon pass my car is losing power, and half way through we are going three mph. Looking at me with a frown on his face he says “Mommy our car is dying!” I laugh and say “Maybe, but we will make it where we need to be before it does, I promise.” Hazard lights on, we pulled to the side of the road.

“I knew my thoughts can affect my mood”

How Thoughts Affect our Mood

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While unloading items from the car to the truck my son decided to ride with his friend. Which was fine with me, and as a result I could plan our future. I knew my thoughts can affect my mood and I did not have to be in the moment, so it is good my son is with his friend. He is having a good time, and his thoughts are not on the move. The car is unloaded. As a result, it was lighter and going up the pass is much easier.  Arriving at my parents, my son jumped out of the truck and gave me a hug. I ask him “What is that for?” He says, “You said we would get here and we did, the car made it!” We unloaded and said goodbye to our friends. Little did I know, never to see them again.

Looking at me with a frown on his face he says - Mommy our car is dying! I laugh Click To Tweet

“Leave the Rest Behind”

The move is hectic and adventurous. However, it is time to get my son’s mind off of the move. Time to head to the park to play for awhile. To leave everything behind and just be in the moment. As Lynn Moore says in an article she wrote:

You Never See the Same River Twice

Let the river of your mind flow and see how much better you feel. Our thoughts are a major contributor to our mental and physical health. They can either make us or break us in this life. And remember, “You never see the same river twice.” Let the thoughts flow and let them go.

At the park, we played on the swings also played ball, cowboys, and Indians and even played in the sandbox. Being in the moment, watching him smile as he is having fun is so important to me. Having him realize I am there, I am not going anywhere and I am not leaving him is very important.

“Having him realize I am there, I am not going anywhere and I am not leaving him is very important.”

Walking home from the park we spoke of me getting a job to pay for us a place to live, about his toys and his room. Explaining to him that I would not always be at home anymore with him, but that I would be at work, is difficult. However, I would be home when my day is done, to be with just him. He looked up at me and says “Mommy are we on our adventure?” I say, “Yes, son we are, do you like it so far?” He says “Yeah!” My son is only 3 years old going on four, and I know that he does not understand everything I am saying. However, it is important that I speak to him.

Looking for work I put in application after application. A week later, a job offer from the Sahara Hotel and Casino, I accepted the position of Room Attendant, paying $7.25 an hour. Three weeks of being on the job, my car started to act funny. On the way to work my car quit working going up Sahara Boulevard. Calling into work, the supervisor told me “I need you here” I told her I am sorry but I am not leaving my car on the side of the road to be towed away. I told her “Oh Well”.  Consequently, that afternoon I quit. Two days later I am hired at Alexis Park Resort as a Room Attendant for $8.00 per hour, therefore making more money.

“It is done, it is cozy, and it is home!”

Three months of saving, is enough money for our first apartment, a Studio. Purchasing a mattress and box spring without the frame for me and a camping cot for my son. Going to Home Depot and purchasing cinder blocks and shelving. Stacking them I made a shelving wall between our beds. As a result, I am able to hang a blanket for privacy and placed a small black and white television between us to slide back and forth to watch. Placing the sofa by the window, putting his toys in the bottom of our closet, making his bed makes him satisfied. It is done, it is cozy, and it is home!

“You need to be experiencing life with your child because you cannot live this moment over”

There is more to this story that I cannot write about at this time. Maybe I will write a book that tells all. Until then this will have to do. We all worry about the future (worry, anticipation, planning, etc.), but you cannot let it get in the way of experiencing the moments with your children. It is important to speak to your child or children about life, about what is happening in the present. This way they do not feel so lost or scared. This moment in time is when you need to be experiencing life with your child because you cannot live this moment over.

Week 5

To Be Continued…

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