Is Your Child Really Enjoying School?

As a parent, it can often be frustrating that you can’t always be there for your child. When they are particularly young, you probably sometimes find yourself wishing that you could be by their side all the time, to offer support and help if something goes wrong. But the nature of school is such that you can’t be with them, and this is a source of great anxiety for parents everywhere. A main concern is probably whether or not your child is really having a good time at school. You might start worrying that not all is as it seems, and that can be a concerning situation. Here are some clear signs that something might be going on which needs discussing.

They Are Dreading Going In

The most obvious sign, of course, is that your child is actively making it clear that they do not want to go to school. Of course, you could say that children hardly ever want to go to school, but this is something of a different quality altogether. When there is something more seriously wrong, your child might start acting up when it is time to go to school, or making elaborate excuses as to why they can’t or shouldn’t go. In the worst case scenarios, it could be a teacher abuse of students or a fellow pupil bullying them. But it might just be that they are having trouble making friends or don’t know what to do in class. If you sense this vibe, speak with them as soon as you can.

They Are Becoming More Dependent

A clear sign that your child is having school troubles is when they suddenly start to become more needy and more dependent on you. Of course, this can happen for a variety of reasons, but according to the experts it is often true that school is the culprit. Either way, if you are finding that they tend to be more dependent on you in the evening after school than at any other time, you might want to gently press them on whether everything is okay with their school day. Of course, they won’t easily feel able to discuss such matters with you – but it is still true that asking them the question is an important first step, just in case there is something wrong.

They Are Showing Signs Of Depression

If your child begins to act in ways which suggest short-term depression, that could mean that it is time to act fast. Becoming depressed is a sure sign that something has gone wrong, so you should take this as a warning sign for you to make some changes to the way you are approaching the topic. In some extreme cases, you will need to find them a new school, but it might just be a case of sitting them down with the school counsellor.

As long as you keep an eye out, you can expect to make the right decisions when the time comes, and that will make all the difference.

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Julian Caldwell

Julian Caldwell

Julian Ivey-Caldwell founded GetConnectDAD with one simple goal: Connect more families to their kids. Julian works a day job and spends his evenings (after the family retires) continuing to grow this platform. Because he travels a great deal for his “day job,” he is intensely focused on trying to find better ways for fathers and mothers who work long hours, different hours, or unusual hours find better ways to be engaged.

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