How To Work On Your Dreams Around Your Children

Parents make decisions about when they have their children based on what they achieve. There are some out there who choose to spend their 20s enjoying traveling, college and doing as many daredevil things as possible to fill their life with experience before settling down and having children in their 30s. There are some that choose to do things the other way around: having their children when they are young and spending the rest of their lives building on their experiences, their education and their life. There is no wrong way to have a family, but there is a common thought that having children means that you have to stop dreaming and pursuing the dreams that you’ve always had.

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You’re absolutely incorrect if you think like this.

Children are possibly the most inspiring thing you could ever have in your life. Yes, they are the most important thing to concentrate on at this juncture in your life, but they are not the only thing you have. It’s an unwritten rule that parents think that their dreams die the moment they have children. It’s also a sad one to know about. Your life will turn on its head when you have children. They are your focus, your 24/7 responsibility. Your dreams do still count, though. Your dreams haven’t died – they’ve just gone to sleep. You shouldn’t use your children as an excuse to stop working on yourself. You should use your children as your inspiration to continue learning with companies like You can know that everything that you aspire to do and be is all for them and you can still keep your children as your main focus. Parenthood can look any way that you want it to. Some people will choose to press pause and hold off on their career and their education until their children have started school. Others will take on a new degree or career and juggle their babies at the same time. There should never be any guilt about this if this is the road that you choose to go down; your children need to see you achieve and you need to be able to do something for yourself every once in a while.

Your children are probably the best motivation that you have to get what you want in life. One day, they’re going to be grown up and moving out and what will you be left with, then? You’ll have an empty house, no degree, no career and nothing else to do with yourself except rattling around a big house with no one in it. People will applaud you for hiding behind the kids because it’s always acceptable to be a parent. The thing is, you have to ask yourself whether you want to resign yourself to a life of being average because you never chased after being more than that. Show your children you have dreams. Show them that you have chased them down and tackled them to the floor.

All you’ll ever get is their awe. And that’s what being a parent is about. Inspiring them because of the way they inspire you.

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Julian Caldwell

Julian Caldwell

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