Hobbies You Can Share With Your Child

Bonding with your child is an important part of our lives as a parent, we want to be able to talk to our children, have fun with them and be the one they confide in when they are in trouble. Part of bonding is finding things that you can both do together, which is why we’ve compiled some ideas for different hobbies you and your child can enjoy together.    

Which type of Hobby?

Before you start buying sporting tickets or a music instrument for your child, you first need to find out what your child enjoys to do. Just because you love watching football doesn’t mean your child does too. You’ll need to try and find an activity which they will enjoy that you can also have fun with as well. Think about the options you have and whether they will suitable for you and your child.

  • Educational Hobbies
  • Fun Games to Play with your Child
  • Sports and Outdoor Activities
  • Nature, wildlife and science hobbies
  • Historical interests
  • Baking or Cooking with your kids
  • Begin a collection of coins, playing cards or figurines
  • Getting creative with arts and crafts
  • Musical Instruments

Each of these types of activity have different skills involved, and will also require equipment and physical work. If your child loves to be outside, something sporty or to do with nature will be a great way to make them happy. If you child is more of a creative type, art, music and even cooking can be great options to get their creative side out.

Child-Friendly Hobbies

Of course, when you come to choosing a hobby for you and your child, you’ll want to make sure that it is something appropriate for their age. Younger children won’t necessarily enjoy things like chess or reading, they will want to be pro-active and involved. Older children may prefer learning new things or looking after a pet. Here is a rundown of the different categories and the types of hobby you could pick for you and your child to do together:

  • Brainy games – card games, quizzes, chess, backgammon
  • Fun time – magic, lego, circus tricks, stilts, juggling
  • Outdoors – camping, fishing, biking, hiking, orienteering
  • Science – wildlife watching, science experiments, star-gazing
  • Historical stuff – historical castles, genealogy, battle re-enactments
  • Food fun – DIY pizza, cupcake decorating, pasta dishes, ice cream, basic cooking skills
  • Collections –  coins, cars, badges, gemstones
  • Arts and Crafts – painting, pottery, candle making, dressmaking, sewing and knitting
  • Music – choir, musical instruments, concerts
  • Animals- this aquarium for fish, rabbits or guinea pigs, a lizard or snake

There are so many different hobbies you and your children can enjoy together, and you don’t have to just to stick one choice. If you are struggling deciding what’s best for you and your child, try out a few different things and see how they work out. The worst case scenario is you never do that activity again, but you could also ignite a passion for their future and have them dreaming of growing up to do this hobby for a living. The important thing is to have fun and bond.


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