Grow Your Audience, Increase Engagement, and Find Followers Using Twitter

One year ago I had no idea how to use Twitter, much less for any type of audience growth.   I had seen Twitter IDs and hashtags, but I really had no idea how to leverage either to grow my brand.

This article will show you how I went from zero Twitter followers and no reach to 15,000 Twitter followers with a monthly reach of about 750K.

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Okay, you have signed up for a twitter account, now what?

Twitter is a very intense and diverse environment.  An environment filled with millions of short messages, tons of hashtags and a messaging system that seems to be circa 1980.  How on earth do you use it to build a community and increase your engagement?  A year ago, I had no idea how to use it.  I had a twitter account I had signed up for 10 years ago and had maybe 250 followers.  I thought, how do I grow my presence on this medium.  Today, I sit at 14,900 followers and continue to gain about 50 new followers per day.  I am going to share what I have learned with you in hopes to enable your community to grow and prosper from what I have learned.

    Some Rules of Engagement

    Don’t worry about who unfollows you

    You might get a wee bit upset at the beginning when you see your numbers go up and down.  Don’t worry about it. Don’t take it personal.  For sure, don’t ask people why they ‘unfollowed’ you!

    Use Automatic Messages with GREAT care

    Automatic messages can be very spammy.  It is funny, I set up an account to grow over time and have been inundated with ‘thanks for the follow, join me on Facebook, Instagram, etc’ so I can become your good friend.  Spamming new followers is like walking into a party and immediately introducing your product by putting it in their hands.  There is nothing wrong with a short question and a hello; however, it is imperative that if you have that message set up, you are there to answer real responses from users.  I pride myself in the fact that I have answered EVERY single new follower who sent me a genuine message.

    Suggested Tools

    I have used all of these tools and still do use these tools daily in my management of Twitter and other Social Media Channels.



    I use this tool to do effective searches inside of Twitter and to selectively manage my audience.  Here is the process I used for followers 1-2500

    • Engage with Twitter (via StatusBrew) 3-4 Times Per Day (15-20 Minutes each time)
    • Find 25-50 people who are talking, tweeting, or retweeting about your subject matter of interest.  Below is a video of how I used StatusBrew to find people who were interested in fatherhood.

    • Look at each person’s front page on Twitter and Retweet 1-2 tweets to your audience and/or visit their blog, make a comment and then retweet their content.  This is a critical piece of the equation.  First of all, be genuine.  Your goal is to not just get a follower. Your goal is to become a go-to person in the niche you are building.  By making insightful comments, sharing their content and engaging honestly with these followers, you are investing in your future role as a subject matter expert.  Do not take this opportunity to share your content.   There is nothing worse than being sent a direct message with the latest blog post because it is so ‘awesome’ from someone you just met.  I say this because I did this at the beginning.  It didn’t work and honestly, I lost credibility at the beginning with regular users of Twitter because I didn’t respect the beginning of a relationship.  I use the rule ‘share until it hurts’ when it comes to social media.  I really try hard to share other people’s content 4 to 5 times more than I ever share ours.

    If you are not using StatusBrew to manage your Twitter, Instagram, etc. You are wasting time. #twitter #statusbrew #growth Click To Tweet

    • Follow those people you have interacted with (about 100-125 people per day total).  There is nothing wrong with sending them a quick tweet or a quick direct message, but make sure it is not automatically generated.  I had 15-20 pre-written notes that I would modify from a text file that I used to help speed up my time and reduce the amount of typing I did.
    • Unfollow anyone you are following for more than three days who hasn’t followed you back

    • This ‘unfollow’ step sounds cruel; however, in the world of creating an audience, unless the person is someone you consider a thought leader in your domain, your following them doesn’t help you reach your goal.  Be very consistent with this process; however, be prudent with the number of people you unfollow at one time.  I usually limited the number to around 100-125 per day throughout the day.
    • Finally, I answered every single direct message, unless I could clearly tell they were automated and weren’t authentic.   To this day, I answer every single direct message that isn’t automated.  It takes probably 20-30 minutes per day, but it is such a great way to make a real connection.  If I want a real audience, then I need to be really interested in what they are doing.

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      How To Increase Your Audience Engagement using Twitter.

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