Fifteen Must-Have Gadgets Every Parent Needs To Own

As any parent knows, raising a child can be a challenge. In fact, raising a child is always a challenge. There are the sleepless nights, the constant nappy changes, and the baby brain that sticks with you long after your baby is no longer a baby. However, all of this is worth it, because you get to love and cherish a bouncing baby girl or boy, right? Well, of course, it is, but that doesn’t make these difficult times any less difficult. However, that doesn’t mean that you just have to struggle on without any help, as there are plenty of gadgets out there that can do just that. Here are fifteen gadgets you should consider buying to make your life a little easier.

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Self-Warming Bottle

Babies get hungry no matter where you are, which can be tricky when you’re out and about and don’t have access to a microwave or a stove. Of course, you could try to hunt one down in a cafe or a restaurant, but this might take some time, and your baby won’t get any happier while you’re searching. Thankfully, there are now self-warming bottles available, which heat up to the correct temperature at the push of a button, saving you a lot of stress.

Video Baby Monitor

Years ago, the only way that you could monitor your baby when they were in another room was through one-way audio monitors, that kind of resembled walkie-talkies. These days, parents have a lot more peace of mind when they leave their babies to sleep, as they can watch them using a video monitor, with two-way communication. Many of these devices have extra features too, like room temperature thermometers, to ensure your baby is comfortable.

Bottle Sterilizer

Rather than clean your baby’s bottles in the dishwasher or sink, you can ensure they’re completely clear of germs using a microwavable bottle sterilizer. These devices clean your bottles using steam, and because they get hotter than any dishwasher or tap normally would, they kill much more bacteria, which helps to keep your baby healthy. It also takes a lot less time, which means your baby won’t have to wait ages when they’re hungry.

Electronic Breast Milk Pump

Manual breast milk pumps definitely changed the game and made it so that mothers could be away from their babies if they needed or wanted to, but there’s no denying that they’re not exactly the most fun things to use. Granted, neither are electronic pumps, but they do take a lot less time and are a lot easier to use. You can even do other things while you’re pumping, like the housework, which is useful for a busy mother.

Motion Sensor Night Lights

When you’re running between your room and your children’s all throughout the night, you’d be forgiven if you forgot to turn the light on once or twice. The problem with this is that children aren’t the tidiest of creatures, and you could easily trip over any number of toys, books, or items of clothing. To make your life easier and avoid an accident, you should consider getting a few motion sensor night lights to illuminate your path.


Dry air can really dry out your baby’s sinuses, irritating their nose and causing it to become sore and painful. It can also cause them to feel congested, making it difficult to breathe. Placing a humidifier in your little one’s room can really help with this, as it adds moisture to the air, which will help to hydrate their skin and ease their breathing. This will help your baby to sleep easier at night, as they won’t constantly be woken up by their stuffed-up nose or bothersome cough.  

White Noise Machine

Everyone knows that babies rarely sleep throughout the entire night, and this can really take its toll on exhausted parents. To combat this, and help your little one sleep a little easier at night, you should consider buying a white noise machine. Playing noise to your baby might not seem like a smart idea if you want them to sleep, but the low and continuous sounds can actually help to soothe your child so that they sleep easier and get back to sleep if and when they wake up.

Portable Sound Machine

A white noise machine works well in a nursery, but you can’t carry it around everywhere with you. This makes life incredibly difficult for parents of fussy babies, who need to hear a constant and soothing sound to get to sleep. You might not always be able to make these sounds yourself if you’re busy, in which case, a portable sound machine would be useful. These gadgets can play white noise to your baby, but are much smaller, and can clip onto a stroller or baby seat easily.

Stroller Fan

Speaking of things that clip onto strollers, you might also want to consider investing in a clip-on stroller fan. Whether we like it or not, summer is right around the corner, which means we need to take extra precautions to keep our babies safe from the sun. The top of the stroller may shield your baby from rays, but it won’t keep them cool if they get too warm. A stroller fan, on the other hand, will do this, which will make sure your baby doesn’t overheat while you’re out and about.

Mobile Phone

Whether you love them or hate them, mobile phones can be a lot of help with a baby, so it’s vital that you have one of your own. If you don’t, then you should take a look at this site and compare a few different ones so that you can find one that’s right for you. Phones are entertaining to adults, but they’re even more fascinating to kids. With all of the baby-targeted apps out there, your phone could be your little one’s new favorite toy, and as such will come in handy every day.


While we’re thinking about this sort of tech, it makes sense to also mention how helpful tablet can be with your children. Of course, like with mobile phones, tablets have a number of apps available, both for entertainment purposes and for educating ones. They are also a perfect device for watching children’s television on. These days, there are even child-friendly tablets available, so you don’t have to worry about any broken screens or random purchases.

Portable DVD Player

Unfortunately, a tablet isn’t going to be much use for television and videos while you’re out in the car, as you won’t have access to the internet. This means that, if you’re going anywhere relatively far away, your kids are going to get bored pretty quickly, which can lead to a whole lot of “are we there yet?”. However, hope isn’t lost, as portable DVD players exist. All you need to do is pop in your kids’ favorite DVD and then listen to the peace and quiet while you’re driving.

Car Mirror

For safety reasons, it’s usually recommended that your child sits in the back of the car, facing the rear until they’re at least two years old. Unfortunately, while this keeps your child safe, it leaves babies irritable, as they can’t see their parents faces. To keep your little one calm and avoid a meltdown, you should get them a shatter-proof car mirror and attach it to the headrest in front of them. This way, both the parents and the baby can keep an eye on one another.

Pacifier Thermometer

No parent likes realizing that their little one has a fever, but because it’s a symptom of many illnesses, it’s something parents just have to handle. Once you’ve noticed that your little one is warm, it’s vital that you accurately take their temperature, but this is often difficult due to the wiggling legs. To make your life easier, and avoid any discomfort for your child, you should purchase a pacifier thermometer. This way, you can just pop it into their mouth without the fuss.

Device Tracker

Regardless of whether you’re a mom or a dad, all parents experience baby brain at some point. After all, you’re both exhausted from the sleepless nights. Unfortunately, when this baby brain causes you to lose something vital, like your wallet or your child’s favorite toy, it can cause a lot of problems. To avoid this nightmare, you may want to invest in a device tracker. This way, you can attach a little device to whatever you wish, and track it using your phone, which makes finding it a lot simpler.

Parenting is not an easy task, so it makes sense to do whatever you can to make the job a little simpler. Thankfully, we live in a world filled with amazing gadgets that can help you to save time and a lot of stress. With these gadgets, you’ll find your time with your little ones a lot easier to handle, so that you can truly enjoy your time together and your role as a parent.   

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