Encourage Others and Encourage Yourself

Encouragement is promoting one’s well being and helping them strive to their full potential. In order to teach our children to be encouraging we must show them by our own actions towards others and how we raise them should be encouraging as well.  Encouragement goes a long way. It helps with self-image and can help others feel good and motivate them to push themselves to pursue their dreams.

There are different types of encouragement such as empowering encouragement, appreciative encouragement, and descriptive encouragement. Each one of these can be done daily as parents. For example, to demonstrate empowering encouragement I clap my hands and say “great job” or “you did it” and smile when my little girl does something new or good. Her reaction is a smile back and waving her arms excitedly at me as she is still just 6 months.

My Fiance is always using the other two types of encouragement. He always says that we look beautiful and says thank you for even the little things I do around the house. He loves to make our girl smile so he plays with her and shows her new things.

Being Encouraging is a vital trait for our children to have. When we encourage others, we bring happiness. This happiness can help people grow and feel good about themselves. We show them great respect when we offer encouragement. It is so easy to do. Additionally, when we encourage others, we encourage ourselves at the same time. Who doesn’t like to see someone smile because of something you said?

Remember, to spend some time encouraging your self in your daily tasks. By talking to ourselves (not in a crazy way), we can really help ourselves accomplish great things.

What do you do with your kids to encourage ‘encouragement?’

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