Connect At That Moment: It’s A…”Hi! Mommy & Daddy, I’m Here!” Ah…Now What!?

So a new adventure for me, my first parent-oriented article. I am not one for providing parenting advice to other parents, with the following one exception:

Don't listen to other people's parenting advice, with the exception of this piece of parenting advice of not listening to other people's parenting advice. Click To Tweet

Why?  Simple, every parent, child & parent-child relationship is unique and thus so should be the style. This is not to say that we may not incorporate other styles but rather the styles & methods we exhibit may or may not be similar.

What I can do and what I am more than happy to do is share my story, my story as a dad & husband. It will inspire you to go one way or another but that direction will be totally based on your parenting direction. Wow, with that now off my chest where should I begin? Ah yes, anything in parenting. Well, that certainly narrows it down. Hmmm.

Let’s go back to the beginning, not the very beginning. We all know how a child gets here! I was thinking more along the lines of Dr. says surprise “It’s a boy!” Yes, you guessed it we had no idea the sex of the baby before arrival. I was adamant about NOT knowing the sex. It’s literally one of life’s last surprises!

Now, that’s not to say that baby shower folks weren’t irritated. You’d think not finding out was a hypocrisy, lol.

Anyway, he (Billy) was born, 2 months early, at 4lbs 1oz & 17″ long…whisked right to neonatal intensive care. I was a dad…now what!? Oh, that’s right…order his furniture & get his room ready which I thought, I thought, we had 2 more months.

Therein lies the first lesson: Expect the Unexpected

I know, I know. Nothing earth shattering but for those parents out there know too well, it’s a whole different outlook as now you’re responsible for something much more, much better than yourself.

And there’s no crystal ball. all you know is that everything has to be “perfect” for that child.

Which leads me to Lesson 2: Embrace The Moment

It doesn’t matter where you fall on the spectrum, from you’re exhausted to this is awesome to what the (insert lug-nut scene from A Christmas Story). Embrace it, soak it in, play it over and over…laugh, cry, pace, whatever. Just soak it in as it will be the only moment ever like that at that point in all of your lives.

Finally, to Lesson 3: Hold That Child Immediately

Newsflash: The baby will not break; they are resilient. They are awkward to hold, at least mine was & I still joke that holding him was the most uncomfortable, awkward maneuver but he was/is mine. That’s your chance to bond with that child, crying/sick/feeding/poop/pee/spitting-up (cause you consistently overfeed them, a true story/guilty). It is your chance to bond. This is the time to be selfish, in a healthy dad way!

Bonus Tip:

Holding the child gives you an “out” at those awkward family/friend functions where you’re tired of the boring conversation…”Oh, would you look at that…baby the baby went potty again…I got this…no, no you chat…we’re good.”  15/20 mins later (after a 1 min change) you’re back recharged w/ a happy baby & what!?!? the baby has to eat. “I just changed baby…I got it babe. The bottle in the bag? No, no it’s fine. I got it ;-)”

The host shares a great location to “feed the child,” “Oh I can feed them in the den and feel free to put the game on. Are you sure?!”

Next thing you know, you have a few friends wanting to help! (its true…but nah dude I’m good…you enjoy the party 🙂

So. there you have it. My initial story & lessons learned. I hope you find it helpful or just made you recall the most amazing adventure you ever set out on. New parents enjoy because it goes by in what Spaceballs called “ludicrous speed.”

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