The Cheerios Challenge : Finding Simple Connections in a Connected World

 There are few things from my life I remember from a very early age.  I remember watching super-8 movies with my parents when I was young,  I remember moving across the nation,  I remember the birth of each of my siblings, and I remember Cheerios for breakfast.

Name one cereal that has been by the side of parents for seventy years.  There might be one or two, but no cereal has been so intimately woven into the fabric of so many lives like Cheerios.

My boys call it ‘Daddy’s Cereal.’  While they have enjoyed oats, bran flakes, raisin bran, etc., Ervin, my youngest has always wanted ‘daddy’s cereal.’  For me, my favorite is Honey Nut Cheerios; however, I have tried them on.  

Imagine how honored I am to be asked to participate in the #CheeriosChallenge this year with Life of Dad and a team of AWESOME father bloggers from around the world.  You know, it is ‘just a challenge.’  How many Cheerios can someone stack AND where can you stack them?  The brilliance of this is SO not just about Cheerios.  Thank goodness they are cute and round; however, this is something moms, dads and kids can do anywhere for a good time.  My wife sent me a picture of a stack and I fell out of my chair.  I swear it was 50 Cheerios tall; however, she quickly told me that he had attached them together with scotch tape and toothpicks.  Well played, wife of mine.  I laughed so hard when I got the picture from my boys this week while I traveled.

THIS is the reason this #CheeriosChallenge is so much fun.  It is about connecting families from around the world through a very simple activity; however, quite challenging.  My stack was only about 10 high; however, I was doing it with my boys.   It is priceless.

As all of you who regularly read our blog, you know that I am intensely focused on encouraging parents to do simple things

every day with their kids.  While sitting in a restaurant last night in the Atlanta airport, I had the pleasure of talking with the mother of three adult kids.  She and I were talking about what she had learned from her experience as a mom and she said, ‘it was the simple things she did with her kids that have mattered the most.’

I couldn’t agree more.  So, this year for Father’s Day, and for that matter, for any day in the future, sit down with your kids (at any age :)) and stack some Cheerios! Post your pictures with #CheeriosChallenge!  I bet you we can beat you! 🙂

This is a sponsored post on behalf of Life of Dad and Cheerios. I received compensation for this post; however, all opinions stated are my own.

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Julian Caldwell

Julian Caldwell

Julian Ivey-Caldwell founded GetConnectDAD with one simple goal: Connect more families to their kids. Julian works a day job and spends his evenings (after the family retires) continuing to grow this platform. Because he travels a great deal for his “day job,” he is intensely focused on trying to find better ways for fathers and mothers who work long hours, different hours, or unusual hours find better ways to be engaged.

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