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52 Character Traits We Want In Our Kids

GetConectDad began as a fatherhood guide for my kids but has quickly become a place where 100,000 people read, visit, share, and collaborate on all of our platforms each month. 400+ parent/writers from dozens of countries have joined this adventure and contribute stories, advice, comments, tweets, and support for this community.  We are focused on identifying the character traits that are important for our kids.

Our primary goal

Our primary goal is to find ways for all of our families to engage in more significant ways with our kids. We call it ‘getting ConnectDADTM,’ thus GetConnectDad! If you want to know more about our story, please visit our about page.

Most of our writing centers around “52 Character Traits We Want In Our Kids”; however, other topics are spread throughout the site. Here i the list of character traits we are writing on.

Our Traits

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