The big scary monster in a red suit

So we enter the door with the sign saying grotto. Behind other parents holding hands of other infants thinking they're all on death row. And so we wait, and to me for what seems like an eternity, so to a child, bloody hell it must seem like an eternity [...]

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All The Superheroes Are Gone

In a world without superheroes, I'll be there, Unconditionally with powers to care. I'll be there to protect him in his times of need, Right by his side quicker than any superhuman speed. If he falls I'll be there with open arms easing his pain with a kiss, I'll [...]

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The Joy Of Fatherhood

When it's two in the morning and my son wakes up screaming, And all I want is one night of only sweet dreaming. Then there's the times when I'm with him in the day When he won't listen or even do a single thing I say. Then there's the days [...]

Be Resilient My child

This trait is not an easy one for me to teach our children: to be resilient. I believe some people just don't have the ability to be flexible or to be able to lift themselves up when they are down. It takes something drastic to change and mold them. Before [...]

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3 AM – The silence of the night broken

The silence of the night broken, by my son's cries. Coughing, choking. I'm still half asleep, yet wide awake, hoping this moment is a dreamt nightmare. Panicking, In my bare essentials I run to his room, where he sits, surrounded by his vomit. "Noah noo sick" He says as I [...]

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Positively Charged

“There are eight hundred happy texts…(a)nd do you know, my father said that if God took the trouble to tell us eight hundred times to be glad and rejoice, He must have wanted us to do it.” --Hayley Mills as “Pollyanna” (1960)   Positivity may not always change the outcome, [...]

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The Woes of Fatherhood

I never thought I'd meet a messier eater until I met him of course, as on occasion at feeding times he'll feel the need to charge at me with hands caked in tomato sauce. Whenever he catches me secretly eating he insists on having a bite, and if it's not [...]

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Do you need a wee wee? No Daddy. Do you want to sit on the potty? No Daddy. Just try son please for me. No Daddy. You look like you need to pee. No Daddy. Do your pants need changing? No Daddy. Come on, let's try a bit of potty [...]

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Patience is a Hannah, Hannah is a Grace

“Charity suffereth long…” (1 Corinthians 13) Patience is letting you stop to smell the gardenias, to feel the grassy-sweet summer rain on your way in from a barefoot walk in the park, footfalls muted by the sounds of the twilight bark.*   Patience is taking the time for time-outs when [...]

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Goo goo ga ga!

I want to learn a new language, which I can use everyday, I don't care if other people don't understand the words I say. I know at times I struggle with speaking my native tongue English, but even this new language to me sounds like gibberish. So I listen very [...]

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They say follow the mythological rulebook. The things they eat is down to what you cook. The dirtier they get depends on where they play, And for a peaceful night don't let them sleep in the day. Keep them clean and definitely, don't let them get fat, But if [...]

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He stands there in front of me, Wearing his dimpled smile. Filled with happiness, And a beautiful innocence. Little does he realize, He's taught me patience, And constantly reminds that time doesn't matter. The love for him I can't explain. This compassion I feel, And wanting only to see him [...]

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Our Selves

We were created, not without form or void, but fearfully and wonderfully made. When two of our worlds cross paths— be they church or work, work or home— the inhabitants of each should recognize us as being the person they know. Be the genuine article that comes with a certificate [...]

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A Father’s Blessing

It wasn’t till she was grown that she knew her daddy’s standard wasn’t unfair, but as high as he thought of her. He’d taught her to measure action against consequence; he’d held her accountable till she could hold herself, so that someone else, who did not love her, wouldn’t have [...]

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Faithfully His

My visions lost within a love excelled, Arms outstretched with a want to be held, I reach down and hold such a beautiful dream, As I look into his eyes I drown within a deep serene. A giggle echoes from a single baby tooth smile, This may not be heaven [...]

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Unconditional Love

For all the occasions, In fatherhood of sheer frustration. It's a fit of shouting and screaming, For no apparent reason. When we're crossing the road, Yet refusing my hand to hold. There's toys all over the floor, And you still want more. It's one in the morning, You're showing [...]


I don't remember a single birthday spent with my dear old dad,Guess that was a privilege or a curse that I never had. Father figured had been shrouded in a disfigured mystery, So you could say childbirth finally made a man of me. When I first held you I knew [...]

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