Be Supportive “Listen To What They Have to Say”

 Be Supportive, what does that really mean when it comes to a child? To a child being supportive means to listen. Listen to what they are saying. A child needs to be heard. They need their thoughts and idea's to mean something to you. For this reason, a parent [...]

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Three Ways to Be More Supportive

I hate to admit this, but I’m not always the most vocal about my support of my children.  I think as parents, as husbands, as friends, we get complacent with how we think other people view our support.  We feel our support is “implied.”  However, that can’t be further from [...]

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What Is The Best Way To Support Our Kids Financially?

Finances are tricky. We all have our own personal views on what it takes to run our finances successfully. When someone else falls on hard times, we go about supporting them in different ways. When it's kids that are the ones that are asking for extra support, it can [...]

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Just Enough… Lessons in Support

Our children need us in different ways during various points in their lives. When we can tune into their needs, we can offer support in a manner that speaks best to them in profound ways. As the mother of three girls, who are all in very different stages of life, [...]

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Words of Wisdom From My Eldest: Be Supportive

My eldest decided to put some words of wisdom and support on paper for everyone to read. We put it up as a poster on our kitchen wall for everyone to read as they walk in. I haven't got much more to say except I hope you enjoy our new [...]

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In a Blink, They are Gone.

I remember Lorenzo running up and down the basketball court with a huge smile on his face, but oblivious to what was going on in the game; spacing out watching geese fly overhead while looking adorable in his baseball uniform, and running the wrong way while playing flag football. Then, [...]

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Be Supportive. B. E. Supportive.

Call me crazy, but the 15 years of improvisation comedy experience I have prepared me the most for raising kids. No, not because kids are funny. No, not because it’s a team effort. No, not because things change and you need to adapt. It’s because the single core rule in [...]

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