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The power of slowing down and focusing

Make Parenting Unique With These Great Gadgets

Technology is influencing our lives every day in business and in leisure, so it makes sense that our parenting is going to be enhanced by it, too. In this day and age, parents need all the help that they can get to make life run as smoothly as possible, [...]

If you give your kid a cell phone, kiss your family goodbye.

I get it. “We can’t organize all of our activities without a phone.” “My kid is different, they only use it for calling me.” “If my kid doesn’t have a phone, they will be picked on.” “Smart Phones are not as bad as everyone says.” “In an emergency, my kid can get help immediately.” All of these statements are decent arguments for a cell phone for a child at a reasonable age. The question is, what is the reasonable age? I believe the negative impacts of a child having a cell phone before the age of 16 far outweighs the positive.

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Saying Good-Bye for the Last Time – All the Time

Two years ago, my infant nephew was tragically and unexpectedly killed while under the care of his sitter. It started as a normal morning. He was dropped off with some play and smiles with his dad. Less than an hour later, there was a phone call. Recently in my [...]

Meet Jennifer Griffin. Extraordinary advocate for families!

Tell me about your family! Where do you live? How many kids? What do you do for fun? I am blessed to have four children, ages 7-16 years old, who I homeschool in Berkeley, CA. My adorable and super-involved husband is a teacher for Oakland Unified School District. We [...]

Yes, I’ll Wrestle with You

I don't have many memories from my life as a young child: a few images or feelings that, given the malleability of memory, may or may not represent reality. With this letter (and perhaps others in the future), I hope to provide my son with a window into his life and our relationship during his early childhood years.

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Tilting the Hourglass: Slowing down time

If you could stop time and look around, what would you see?  As parents, we live busy lives. If you are like me, we’re always pushing the kids to get ready a quickly. “Come on - we have to go! Why don’t you have your shoes on, yet?” Between working (sometimes more than one job) and keeping up with our kids’ lives, we just don’t seem to have time. As we keep active and try to keep on schedule for the next activity, we often miss what is actually happening.

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Please join our parenting challenge! has one goal:  Create More Connected Families.   As part of that goal, we have created an easy to follow 'template' that you can use to engage your family a little differently.   This 4-week series is designed to help you identify areas in your family where you can gain some more time, build a more solid connection with your kids and enjoy your time together more fully!

Simple Connections: Multiples of 10

Trying to find sums of groups of multiples is a great way to practice your addition. Be sure to double check your work. If you can clear all of the cards, you win! This game is a great way to have fun while practicing simple addition facts. After you've [...]

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From ZZZZ’s to Me in One Sip

Wow. we were never coffee drinkers. Never. Then we had our boys. It is funny how important this small little moment has become:  our first sip of Folgers® Coffeehouse Blend.  Parenting is awesome. Sure. Every single moment is awesome. Okay, let's be real. Raising kids i a tough business. Coffee [...]

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Connect At That Moment: It’s A…”Hi! Mommy & Daddy, I’m Here!” Ah…Now What!?

Every parent, child & parent-child relationship is unique and thus so should be the style. This is not to say that we may not incorporate other styles but rather the styles & methods we exhibit may or may not be similar. What I can do and what I am more than happy to do is share my story, my story as a dad & husband. It will inspire you to go one way or another but that direction will be totally based on your parenting direction. Wow, with that now off my chest where should I begin? Ah yes, anything in parenting. Well, that certainly narrows it down. Hmmm.

“One More Thing Santa” – Insights From a 7 Year-old Who Misses His Dad

As many of my readers know, my son and daughter are basically polar opposites. My son (7) is very measured and uses logic for most everything he does; he loves sports and the numbers behind all of the statistics. My daughter (5) is a free spirit and loves to [...]

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The Best Mother’s Day Gift: Improving as a Father

Mother’s Day is fast approaching. It’s Sunday, May 14th just so you know. A great gift you can give your wife for Mother’s Day is to be an equal parent. Show her she’s not in this alone. How we treat our wives as our children’s mother will shape their [...]

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Living with your child and Asperger’s Syndrome

After raising three children, twin girls and a teenage boy, on my own, life was beginning to calm down. I had become the owner of a large cab firm, working my way up from a driver, and had enough money to buy the council house we lived in.

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This Makes Life Worth Living

Yesterday my Son and I took an impromptu trip to my headquarters (home depot) because I had a random idea for our back yard that I just had to act on. I loaded up my son in the truck and gave him his toys, and blankets, which he promptly threw off, and were on our way.

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On Sensitivity

Being a dad is a delicate balance. In concert with my wife, we strive to find the perfect equilibrium of authority, encouragement, and “letting go” as we raise our three children in an ever-changing world. This is likely preaching to the choir, as I am sure most of you parents out there feel the same thing, to one degree or another. As my children grow, and learn more about themselves and the world around them, it is important to me that they are strong, self-confident, respectful, and kind. Still, there is one quality that is often overlooked, and even dismissed (or even marginalized as useless): be sensitive.

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Lazy Dad Learns Politeness

We are not the first parents to attempt to teach our children to be polite, I know that. This is a little about our trials. Recently, I heard our three year-old daughter saying the word “want” more often. As in: “I want water, or I want a snack.” I wasn’t concerned initially, then when it became daily I realized we had to start teaching her to say: “May I have some water?” Lately, that has been the subject of the day at our place. Trying to convert “I want” to “May I”. What a challenge it is! As we speak, she is hollering from the bathroom: “I’m done”…..

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I Really Didn’t Want to Go Fishing

It was one of those rare Saturdays after I grew up and moved out that Dad and I found ourselves alone at the ranch. I was already living hours away in Houston and had driven to the ranch to unwind the spring of tension that was my life at that time. All I really wanted to do was nap on the sofa, but Mom was away at a convention and Dad had other ideas.

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