A Letter to Santa

As a military parent having the opportunity to share a first time with your child is wonderful. A little while ago, I had my son Leonardo write Santa Claus a letter. It wasn’t the easiest project in the world, but I enjoyed every minute of the experience. I relish [...]

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A Healthy Spirit

by Stephen Mack Over the past several months, I have finally resigned myself to undertake a most unenviable project – cleaning out my mother’s condo in preparation to list it for sale. It is a daunting task, to put it mildly. When my grandfather passed away long ago, I remember [...]

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…on faith | Raising Kids With Faith Outside Of Religion

Our son and daughter go to a kindergarten run by the local anglican church. Most non-profits seem to be run by the church here in Germany, in a benevolent Sound of Music kind of way. My daughter loves to sing the songs she’s learned at kindergarten at the top of her little lungs all day and all night. Her favorite song of late goes like this: “lasst uns miteinander, lasst uns miteinander – SINGEN, BETEN, LOBEN DEM HERRN!” (that last part is where I need to cover my ears so I don’t lose what little hearing I have left) The translation is, in effect: “Let us, with one another – SING, PRAY, and PRAISE THE LORD!”

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The business of parenthood is a continual exercise in faith.

In order to discuss faithfulness with any degree of meaning, we must begin with a definition of the term. The meaning (or meanings!) we ascribe to the word “faithful” will determine the way we talk and think about it, and consequently, the way we model it for our children. We’ll [...]

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6 Ways Your Family Can Learn Faithfulness

Let's face it. We live in an age of absolute laziness. It's to the point that we don't even have to produce full thought now, thanks to Google. I used to spend hours racking my brain trying to remember the name of a song. Now I can type in [...]

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Faith in your brother

Having a pair of boys I work hard on stressing the importance of them sticking together. As they are getting older, and trips alone to the park and playing outside alone, becomes a more regular occurrence, it becomes more important that the stick together and always have each other’s back. [...]

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Faithfully His

My visions lost within a love excelled, Arms outstretched with a want to be held, I reach down and hold such a beautiful dream, As I look into his eyes I drown within a deep serene. A giggle echoes from a single baby tooth smile, This may not be heaven [...]

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Why Faith Is My Foundation as a Father

As a father raising a son it is my duty and job to teach him many lessons and values in his life as he continues to grow up. One of the best lessons I can teach him is to be faithful. The simplest way I can break down the meaning of [...]

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Deeply Personal: Parent Alienation, Crappy Husband, Bad Dad, New Beginning

Let me start by saying we have perfect kids. Eli, our four-year-old completely gets "parental personal time"; he never talks back and is engaged in figuring out how to make Laurie and my lives better. Ervin, our two-year-old is introverted, spends time reading self-help books and loves his brother [...]