Parenting With The End In Sight

Have you ever climbed Mount Everest? Me neither. But I am a father, and I imagine there are some parallels between the two. When you hike Everest, you do so for one reason: to reach the top. To look out from the world's highest peak and know that you have done something [...]

Better Safe Than Sorry

 You turn for just a minute. You look back and your child is gone. Your heart jumps in a quick moment of panic. Usually your child is right there. Sometimes it takes longer. Recently, I was on the other end of this panic. I saw a little girl coming [...]

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Four Questions Every Parent Should be Asking about School

A parent’s involvement with their child’s education is imperative, but staying informed does not always necessitate visiting the school site. Besides phone calls, emails, social media, and all manner of new apps, there is another crucial way parents can remain actively engaged and intimately apprised about what is going [...]

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Empowering My Kids

I grew up in rural, middle-class East Texas that was pretty evenly split between agricultural and industrial economies.  Both of my parents worked, but were always home for dinner and never missed a school activity or sporting event.   There was never a question that we would have enough, [...]

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A Family Circle of Life Lessons

From his father, he learned how to work outside the home— the soft skills of negotiation, of the sport of friendly competition, of working as part of a team, and of being a leader, for he followed the great ones. But most of all, he learned how to treat [...]

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The Gentle Giant – Lessons in Empowerment From My Son

I am a lucky dad; both of my boys are well mannered and kind human beings. My little one Alonzo is especially sweet to everyone around him. He is also a big, strong dude. He is only eight years old but already over 110lb’s and can do more pushups [...]

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Becoming the leader of your pride

Lord, There is no doubt that in being a Dad there is a shift in how you think and how you feel. This can hit us at different times… For me, it was when my daughters were born and had to stay in the hospital’s special care nursery for [...]

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Creating a Financial Budget That Empowers

Creating A Budget That Empowers You! When was the last time that you created a budget? What was the experience like? Do you still budget month to month? Everyone has their own opinions about the dreaded "B" word. Yes, I'm talking about the budget. Depending on who you talk [...]

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I Teach My Girls, “Women Rule”

I'll be honest from the start; I don't take much interest in politics and the news in general. I will take the occasional look especially when it's a major election like the one just gone in the USA or the vote for Brexit. I have found it quite inspirational [...]

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Let Him Stay A Kid a Little Longer

Every day, I realize how different you see things, how your imagination creates a whole new playground no matter where you are. How a book suddenly becomes a mountain for little toy men to climb, a towel becomes a river for a boat to sail on and a cardboard box [...]

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Developing Persistence by any Means Available

The road through adolescence may seem like a long journey while it is happening, but in reality it is just a small moment in our lives. It is also a critical time. Children develop interests, hobbies, and study skills, and personality traits that will last them a life time. Sometimes [...]

Our political future. It’s All in Their Hands

As the current election season rolls on and we now have a clearer picture of who will be occupying the White House next January, I can’t help but shake my head. Among family, friends and colleagues, it seems every opinion I hear is steeped in two primary feelings: 1) [...]

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3 Steps To Help End Professional Jealousy

  Are You Envious of Other Peoples Success? The 3 Steps I Took To Help End Professional Jealousy. Envy: a feeling of discontent or covetousness with regard to another's advantages, success, or possessions. A few years ago I worked at an inbound call-center as a technical helpdesk analyst.  I [...]

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Be Encouraged

Encouragement is one of the most important elements to anyone’s development. The tool that great leaders use to set the flame 'a blaze' in their team and one of the best tools for any parent to use to  ensure their children are privileged enough to have all the tools they [...]

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Empower Him

I know my words, For now he'll listen to. My actions, He'll try to mimic. Yet in the morrows, I hope he'll take my words in, Heed my morsel of wisdom. And only empower him. I hope my weaknesses, My many mistakes, He'll never go through, But learn from, to [...]

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This journey we call fatherhood is extraordinary…

This journey we call fatherhood is extraordinary. In every way. From the birth of my first child, to the adoption of my second, to the arrival of my third, I am in awe of the little lives that have been entrusted to my care and my love. As much as I hope to teach them, they, by far, have taught me way more than I thought even possible. Through their adventures, I see the world in bright, new colors. Through their sleepy eyes, I am reminded, myself, to slow down. I relish in the pure bigness and unencumbered love they radiate towards me. How can I possibly hope to live up to their expectations of me? What can I possibly give to them that is more valuable, or at least of equal value, than the bursting joy they so freely share with me each day?

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Be Empowered

At the onset of my fatherhood, I made a very conscious effort to pay close attention to everything. In the beginning, that meant mostly the health of my wife and outfitting our home with things we would need for our twins’ arrival. It wasn’t very long before I had to prepare much more than that. That meant me…internally. As the months and trimesters went by, I saw myself intrinsically evolving into a father. The paternal instincts were budding and growing inside. Now, that’s not to say that angst, fear and uncertainty never crept in. In fact, there was a constant battle between the two extremes throughout the pregnancy. In most instances I felt relatively confident and assured that I could handle anything thrown my way. But at any given moment, that could change to doubt. Somehow, I still realized that this is probably normal and that most expectant fathers are likely to share these feelings at one point or another.

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