Divorce and the Marital Home: Explore All Options.

In my years as a family court judge, I experienced many divorces where parties could not settle their case because of a disagreement over whether to sell the marital home. Specifically, a party wanting to keep the home would often have highly rigid and financially unreasonable expectations regarding the ability to afford and maintain the home into the future without downsizing.

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I might be reconsidering my ‘no phones’ for my kids until their 18 Rule

Holy cow.  What a summer.  I was just laying in bed this morning thinking, “Where on earth did our summer go?”  It is the first weeks of August and school starts in a couple of weeks.  If your family is like ours, we are simply running out of time. [...]

At the Special Ed Round Table: Making it Work

If you thought being called to the principal’s office was bad, imagine showing up to a team of six professionals all staring from behind their laptops at you as you enter the room. Often times, they are all in nice chairs and maybe someone was nice enough to get [...]

Empowering Emotional Engagement – Your Child’s Emotional Labyrinth

In a recent post, I discussed how to raise an empathic child. In that post, I mentioned a key element to developing an empathic child is to have them engage and understand their own emotions. The question is how do we empower our children to do this? Before I start, [...]

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How Parenting Can Impact Post-Secondary Student Success

It’s a beautiful sunny Saturday morning and I arrive early to work for a recruitment event, excited to meet all of the prospective families and students who are thinking about their university experience the following year. The motivation I feel stems from that warm-fuzzy feeling I often get when students experience their “I belong here” moment walking around campus, meeting professors, seeing a residence room, and envisioning themselves walking across the stage at my institution.

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My Dear Child Campaign – What can we do when they don’t answer the phone?

Does this sound familiar to you or anyone you know? Eddie is on the outside trying to be in his daughter’s life. Her mother has moved on and another man is playing the role of father for his girl. He asks me, “What can I do?”

What A Child Refugee Taught Me About Compassion – And Other Stories.

Here in the UK, there has been quite a bit of news about child refugees, as our Government has decided to reduce the number that they are allowing into the country. All of this made me think back to the time when a child refugee changed my views on compassion, especially in relation to children. It was 2006, and I was working at a Christian retreat centre in the Yorkshire Dales. At that time I was suffering from severe depression which had yet to be diagnosed, a depression that would see me try and take my own life a few months later. We had hosted a number of events while I was there, but this one would be different for me. You see, the closest city to us had a high population of refugees, and we were to host a getaway for them all. I wasn’t actually on the team that weekend, but as always those not on the team had jobs to do around the house.

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I want to TALK! Can we just have a conversation?

These days, technology or electronics are definitely taking over people’s lives! Cell phones, IPods, Televisions, Video Games, etc. all consume large portions of our time. Now, communicating and simple conversations among the family is somewhat a lost cause for our generation and future generations. We are at a point in [...]

5 Ways To Increase Financial Communication Between Couples

Increasing Financial Communication Between Couples can save marriages. Check out these 5 ways to increase your financial communication with your spouse.  Learn the differences about what money means to men and women. Hold a monthly budget meeting. Become a good listener. Define your goals with your spouse. Set individual [...]

Goo goo ga ga!

I want to learn a new language, which I can use everyday, I don't care if other people don't understand the words I say. I know at times I struggle with speaking my native tongue English, but even this new language to me sounds like gibberish. So I listen very [...]

Being Communicative.

In my youth, I was very awkward around strangers and the task of speaking to an Aunt, Uncle or Cousin was even extremely nerve-wracking to me.  Because of this, I pour a lot of energy into introducing my son to as many people as possible in these early months. I [...]

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Just Listen

“Really? Wow, that is very cool; of course, you can.” I keep answering and telling my little one as his story and abilities become more and more grandiose in his story. He is 8 and can tell quite the tall tale when it comes to his physical and athletic [...]

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