Few Things Are More Important

In today’s world, where kids are increasingly attached to their screens, instilling a sense of adventure is paramount.  Our role is vital in making adventure a part of their life.

Why an Open Adoption Was Just What We Needed

I didn’t want an open adoption. We were no strangers to the adoption process having “survived” our first adoption and we were comfortable with the fact that our oldest boy Eli’s birth family would have nothing to do with how he was going to be raised. My head was [...]

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The big scary monster in a red suit

So we enter the door with the sign saying grotto. Behind other parents holding hands of other infants thinking they're all on death row. And so we wait, and to me for what seems like an eternity, so to a child, bloody hell it must seem like an eternity [...]

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Holiday Trip Ahead? Here are Some Accommodation Options

Holidays are wonderful: it’s that magical time when you finally get to be more focused on yourself, your friends and family. Holiday spirit is around us and we can finally take some time off work and spend it taking care of ourselves and our loved ones. Sometimes, this means [...]

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It’s simple! Just #GetACTIVE and #GetOutside

As the colder temperatures roll in, it can be difficult to stay motivated and active, as a family. The days are getting shorting, the air is getting crisper, and that couch and your Roku player are seeming more and more like the best scenario. But as parents, we need [...]

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What do you want life to look like?

Yesterday, my wife and I were talking outside the RV while our daughter napped. The topic of conversation was life. Specifically, "what do you want life to look like?" It's an awkward conversation to have without talking about money. In years past, we let finances make decisions for us. [...]

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Stronger Than Ever. The Power Of Never Giving Up

“You can be tired after the game” I must have said it a million times already, to my boys and the kids I coach. We are just wrapping up the football season, and I hope if we have taught the kids anything is to work hard and be resilient. I [...]

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True Positivism

The most positive thing we can do in our children’s lives is, to be honest with them. As parents, we always want our kids to be happy, be positive and have a great outlook on life. As a coach, I can see a different side that I would never get to [...]

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Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid.

It was his first real holiday, only a few days away for the country and western festival in Brean. He was so excited about going on holiday even though he didn't know what a holiday was! We told him there would be cowboys there and when I got my [...]

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The Unstoppable Force

I thought I was persistent, and then I had my youngest child Alonzo. Ever since he was a baby he was the most relentless and stubborn person I have ever met in my life. We claim that he finally slept through the night when he was four, but he is [...]

Get Out, It’s actually quite hard to go wrong.

If you're like me you'll be reading this with your trousers (pants) around your ankles, an imaginary Hamlet cigar on the go and a gradually fading pneumatic thud from the bathroom door. It's not getting quieter, Your just getting better at zoning it out. I am a full time dad [...]

Be Healthy

Key Takeaways So for me, there are 3 key areas to focus on which can help us to be healthy and they are: The Mind (i.e. mental attitude) Diet Exercise 10 mins of Mindfulness Meditation each day, ideally first thing each morning helps big time. A low cholesterol diet [...]

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How did a couple who ‘live in a van’ change my family’s DNA?

Okay, they don’t exactly live in a van, it’s called a RoadTrek and actually, as Jennifer would say, it is an adventure-mobile. For those of you who aren’t aware of what a Roadtrek is, let me fill you in. I have only seen a few of them; however, I probably spend too much time looking at pictures of these small class B motor-homes that allow travelers to adventure around the world meeting fabulous people. So, big whoop, it is just a motor-home. For those who own one, I would say they would beg to differ; however, about two years ago, I stumbled onto a new podcast called “RoadTreking: Celebrating the Small RV Lifestyle.” This podcast, produced by Mike and Jennifer Wendland, is the most informative and professional podcast I listen to. I look forward to it every single week.

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How to get far enough away to consider it a vacation

Growing up, camping was always a go-to summer vacation for our family. Not only was it a pastime of my dad, but it was fun, cheap and a relatively close vacation for the family. You could call it, "just far enough away to consider it a vacation". Looking [...]

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Why Children Should Answer the Call to Adventure

Joseph Campbell, in his book The Hero With a Thousand Faces, makes a compelling argument that the world’s greatest hero stories follow the same basic arc. Whether the stories connect to religion or mythology, whether they come from the Eastern or Western traditions, they spin the same tale of an [...]

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How I Nurture My Kid’s Adventurous Nature

My two-year-old daughter held my hand as we climbed the steps on the side of a hill which led to the top of a towering aluminum slide. For the first two slides, she asked to sit on my lap so that we could slide together. I started to sit for [...]

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We Are Adventurous

A personal mentor and father of five once said to me, “Jed, if there is one thing I wish I would have done differently in raising my five children, it is…” I had called Dave after several months of suitruggling internally with my own glaring imperfections and inconsistencies as a father, hoping that he would offer me some nugget of insight or encouragement that would give me the endurance to keep running forward in this ultra-marathon of life we call parenthood. Before I share how Dave finished his sentence, put yourself in the shoes of an empty-nest father and grandfather in his late sixties now looking back over the long, joyful, and sometimes painstaking road of rearing five children to maturity before sending them out into the world.

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Is your luggage packed?

“Is your luggage packed?” Mom asked us from the other side of our small two- bedroom duplex.  Two adults and three kids were packed in pretty tight for such a small space.  I was 8, maybe 9, and my siblings and I had been planning our great adventure across the [...]

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Today! Plan a scavenger hunt for your kids. It takes 5 minutes.

I would love to claim I am this ultra creative type; however, the reality is I am not.  The great news is there are thousands of good souls out there who put awesome content out here on the web for us to use to become better parents. So, today's activity [...]

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