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What are your#LAWNGOALS?

Holy cow, we can’t wait for the spring to actually arrive here in Omaha. Mother Nature teased us a few weeks ago with weather more like May than February and it did nothing to keep us excited about winter weather. In an attempt to get our plan in order, Laurie and I made our first purchase for the spring season: an outdoor furniture set for the patio we installed last year. (She also created a list called Julian’s #lawngoals… more on that later)

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Why Your Kids Should Have Grit

What one thing should you encourage in your kids? You obsess over your child’s future. I know because I do the same. There are so many traits we want to develop in our kids. They are all important but going after all of them can seem overwhelming. Unfortunately, there isn’t enough time or money to do everything. As parents, we simply need to be selective.

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Respect for the Mother Starts with the Father

I’m generally very patient with Jeremiah, 13, and Noah, 10. I remember what is was like at that age, trying to one-up my brothers with the sarcastic comments, saying “no” to everything my parents asked, no matter the question. I get why siblings like to wrestle and argue, how funny they think it is to give their parents a hard time. I understand that part of growing up is learning to assert yourself, to “be your own person.”

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How Parenting Can Impact Post-Secondary Student Success

It’s a beautiful sunny Saturday morning and I arrive early to work for a recruitment event, excited to meet all of the prospective families and students who are thinking about their university experience the following year. The motivation I feel stems from that warm-fuzzy feeling I often get when students experience their “I belong here” moment walking around campus, meeting professors, seeing a residence room, and envisioning themselves walking across the stage at my institution.

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Someone Has to Pick Up the Other End

Men cannot move couches by themselves. You need someone on the other end. A week ago, I had a family I had been helping out offer me a brand new couch. They had it for their mother who would no longer be able to use it. Our sleeper started to get holes and a new couch was on our “someday” wish list. In two days, I had to figure out a way to get rid of our sleeper and to get the couch to a few blocks over. I needed some help.

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Meet The Author Behind Chunky And Friends

The Chunky And Friends books series is wonderful with dynamic characters that will make your kids laugh and learn at the same time. The first book in the series, CHUNKY AND THE O-BEAST, was an introduction to the Chunky and Friends world and the idea that every child is perfect the way they are and the only thing the adults in their lives want to see is that they grow up healthy and strong. Our latest book in the series, THE CANDY CONUNDRUM, focuses on dental health and the character Candy (short for Candace) who learns the harm that eating too much candy can have on oral health and the importance of brushing and flossing.

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 Do you know how to teach your kids to be accountable?

The opposite of accountability is entitlement. Your kids live in a culture that stresses entitlement. Last week two of our granddaughters played upstairs without direct supervision for well over an hour. The sounds of soft laughter and agreeable conversation heard from the den below astounded me. All I could think was, “Surely my grandkids are the best on Earth”. Then, without warning, the almost four-year-old brought me back to reality with a loud scream. Immediately my mind checked through the potential causes like pain, fear, and anger. The sound and intensity of what I heard clearly communicated the third option. So, after allowing a few minutes for her and her sister to resolve the issue, it was time to go up and give them some assistance. The problem: little sister decided she wanted big sister’s favorite blanket, but big sister was not in a sharing mood.

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On Sensitivity

Being a dad is a delicate balance. In concert with my wife, we strive to find the perfect equilibrium of authority, encouragement, and “letting go” as we raise our three children in an ever-changing world. This is likely preaching to the choir, as I am sure most of you parents out there feel the same thing, to one degree or another. As my children grow, and learn more about themselves and the world around them, it is important to me that they are strong, self-confident, respectful, and kind. Still, there is one quality that is often overlooked, and even dismissed (or even marginalized as useless): be sensitive.

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Lazy Dad Learns Politeness

We are not the first parents to attempt to teach our children to be polite, I know that. This is a little about our trials. Recently, I heard our three year-old daughter saying the word “want” more often. As in: “I want water, or I want a snack.” I wasn’t concerned initially, then when it became daily I realized we had to start teaching her to say: “May I have some water?” Lately, that has been the subject of the day at our place. Trying to convert “I want” to “May I”. What a challenge it is! As we speak, she is hollering from the bathroom: “I’m done”…..

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Life’s Too Short, Go Ahead and Be Wonky! Be Imperfect!

Stop that! Eat your food! Put that down! Do NOT touch that! Use your manners! As a parent, you constantly find yourself delivering commands to your kids throughout the day. And you know what? You pretty much have to. Kids need direction, and outside of their daycare or school, it’s you that needs to provide it.

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Be Focused – “Don’t Feel Guilty”

Our studio apartment is set up. My parents are watching my son while I work. It is time to be focused on what I need to complete. Time to get my son into a daycare program. My parents are moving to California. Researching (more than two, but [...]

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Humility is the lighthouse that shows the way through the fog of arrogance.

Writing is something I love to do. As far back as I can recall, writing was a way for me to not only express my thoughts, but to work through the emotions of my life. One of my first short stories was titled “Who Was Killing the Lexington Family?” It was my early feeble attempt at a mystery. The crime, the investigation, and the ebullient solution from the rotund detective all occurred within six pages. It was published in my 7th grade “School Anthology”, and I beamed with pride. I still have the bound copy in a box, and, on occasions of nostalgia, pull it out to read.

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Want To Be Featured On GETCONNECTDAD?

GetConnectDad.com is a growing parenthood community, focused on finding the best resources for parents around the world. Our goal is to increase the amount of time our families are connect-dad. During the last year, we have repeatedly been asked to highlight communities, books, organizations, etc. who are doing awesome work. We have finally decided to jump in and do just that. We are going to highlight some of the awesome work being done by authors, bloggers, vloggers, musicians, etc. from around the World.

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Meet Chris Peters. Parent Extraordinaire.

Chris Peters is the creator of www.ask-a-dad.com. He is the father of 2 little kids and lives in Southern California. I first met Chris after attending the Dad 2.0 Summit together this past month. We sat down and chat about his life, the family he loves, and his [...]

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I Really Didn’t Want to Go Fishing

It was one of those rare Saturdays after I grew up and moved out that Dad and I found ourselves alone at the ranch. I was already living hours away in Houston and had driven to the ranch to unwind the spring of tension that was my life at that time. All I really wanted to do was nap on the sofa, but Mom was away at a convention and Dad had other ideas.

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Don’t Stress. Ask For Help To Become More Mindful

#be mindful…..attentive, aware, or careful of our responsibilities to our children. Easier said than done?? When people decide to have children, or it just happens by surprise, adults go through a series of emotions. One of the most prevalent emotions and thought processes throughout any pregnancy, for Mum and Dad, is how are we going to be mindful of our every action as they will influence the wellbeing of the most important package soon to arrive into our lives. Mindfulness is a bit of a buzz topic in work places and all over the internet at the moment. In the parenting world it’s far from new. My mum always used to say “be mindful of what you say young lady” or “be mindful what you wish for!” I think with the wonderfulness of hindsight I now finally understand why she said it and what purpose it served to me. May be that is why I now cope in a co-parenting situation.

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Making Your Home to Fit Your Family

Moving to a new, bigger place, I thought that organizing and decorating would be a cakewalk. But as my husband and I started unpacking, we realized that we would have to adapt the place to our needs much more than we had previously thought. Honestly, I was happy because of this so-called complication, simply because I love the notion of nesting, and I tend to make these situations as fun as possible! Here are some of the changes we’ve made and plan to make soon, as we’d both like our boys to feel that this is our home, and we plan to stay here for a long time.

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