How to Help Kids & Teens Develop Healthy Homework and Study Habits

Homework can be one of the toughest challenges your kids face while they’re in school, especially as they move up through the grades. They may have loved poring over books when they were in grade school, but most middle-schoolers and teens start losing enthusiasm as they’re assigned more and [...]

At the Special Ed Round Table: Making it Work

If you thought being called to the principal’s office was bad, imagine showing up to a team of six professionals all staring from behind their laptops at you as you enter the room. Often times, they are all in nice chairs and maybe someone was nice enough to get [...]

The Importance of Curiosity When We Are Stuck

About half a year ago, my son came to me with a math problem. He had joined an elective math team at his school, one where they compete against other schools in the state and are challenged on a weekly basis to solve and explain problems which are anywhere [...]

“One More Thing Santa” – Insights From a 7 Year-old Who Misses His Dad

As many of my readers know, my son and daughter are basically polar opposites. My son (7) is very measured and uses logic for most everything he does; he loves sports and the numbers behind all of the statistics. My daughter (5) is a free spirit and loves to [...]

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Let Them Be Kids: Why Playtime Is So Important

If you get a chance, drive down the neighborhood streets in your town. How many houses have children playing outside – really playing outside in the dirt, rain or sand and not sitting on the front porch with a tablet in their hand? Technology may move society forward at [...]

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Meet the Omni Youth Programs!

Tell me about your family! Where do you live? How many kids? What do you do for fun? I live in Sacramento, CA and have two girls 4 and 11 years old. I have a passion for helping teens and their parents navigate the difficult transition to adulthood with [...]

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The Best Mother’s Day Gift: Improving as a Father

Mother’s Day is fast approaching. It’s Sunday, May 14th just so you know. A great gift you can give your wife for Mother’s Day is to be an equal parent. Show her she’s not in this alone. How we treat our wives as our children’s mother will shape their [...]

How A Monthly Budget Can Reduce Financial Stress

All of us have been there. You’re sitting at the dining room table, eyes strained, looking at a computer screen. You assess your current bank balance and look at the utility, credit card, car insurance and other bills sitting in front of you.

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Whose fault is the ‘Entitled’ Generation?

If you have ever seen a child throw a temper tantrum in a store and seen the parents give in, what did you think? But do you do the same thing? photo credit: avlxyz Grumpy Isaac wants his scooter at St Kilda Adventure Park via photopin (license) [...]

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Living with your child and Asperger’s Syndrome

After raising three children, twin girls and a teenage boy, on my own, life was beginning to calm down. I had become the owner of a large cab firm, working my way up from a driver, and had enough money to buy the council house we lived in.

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Starting with Stewardship

I am fairly new to the world of fatherhood, but so much has changed since last May that I can't even comprehend. Sometimes I just stand back and attempt to think how my life was before my son was a part of it, and I am simply unable to. [...]

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This Makes Life Worth Living

Yesterday my Son and I took an impromptu trip to my headquarters (home depot) because I had a random idea for our back yard that I just had to act on. I loaded up my son in the truck and gave him his toys, and blankets, which he promptly threw off, and were on our way.

Top Four Themes of Your Life with Your Children

When I think about the way I approach being a father to my kids, I look for themes. Organizing my thoughts, behaviors, emotions and actions has helped me to be consistent in my resolve to lead my family. Verbalizing those themes and discussing the points with each other helps [...]

Parenting With The End In Sight

Have you ever climbed Mount Everest? Me neither. But I am a father, and I imagine there are some parallels between the two. When you hike Everest, you do so for one reason: to reach the top. To look out from the world's highest peak and know that you have done something [...]

An Unexpected Special Needs Journey

I Was Meant To Be A Dad I'm a simple guy. There isn't much in this world that I have to have. There isn't much I seek to acquire. However, there is one constant longing that've had ever since I was a kid. There is one thing that I [...]

Fatherhood. It’s a Global Movement

Children have always been the center of a man’s universe. Since the beginning of time, Fathers have cast their own dreams aside and given our children – our bridge to the future – the freedom to dream dreams.

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How To Nurture Curiosity In Your Child

Whether we are adults or kids, curiosity is a path to happiness. When we allow our imaginations to roam freely and our minds to absorb whatever interests us, we feel happier and less stressed. Our children enter the world as happy little sponges, guided by lighthearted curious natures. Kids love to learn and make sense of the world. When you think about it, the amount of knowledge children acquire by being curious is truly amazing.

Encouraging Happiness: Our children get one chance at being a child.

It’s inevitable that as a parent you will be asked, in a convincing way by your child to support their newest interest. Kids are naturally curious and spend a lot of their lives trying to find their place. What interests them, will it continue to interest them or are they going to stick it out and eventually be great at it. We as their parent have a few ways to respond to this but not all are going to encourage them.

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