Beginner’s Guide To CrossFit Bodyweight Workouts After 40

Who doesn’t want to look fitter? You, Me, Everyone….Right? Especially, when the person is in his late adulthood i.e., around 40’s, he desires to hold on a fit body to spruce up his looks which otherwise has the chance of getting deteriorated with age. Moreover, the exciting deals like [...]

What happens when you get divorced?

Adjusting to parenthood can be a tough task, but the challenge becomes even more difficult when you introduce a new addition to the mix. Going from one child to two brings a series of changes, and it’s important for you as a parent to adapt to having two kids [...]

A Complete Guide to Hearing Loss

Hearing loss is something which occurs gradually as you age and it is common for all sorts of people to go through it. But there is also a growing number of younger people who are suffering from this condition - mainly due to exposure to loud noises. Sometimes, the [...]

A Family That Has Fun Together, Stays Together

We all know how important family bonding is. It can often be the difference between creating a healthy family unit and one that’s slightly toxic. Even when you’ve had a busy day, a long week, or you’re just feeling off, you should always make sure that you’re able to [...]

Caring For Yourself = Caring For Your Children

When it comes to being a parent, it’s easy to neglect your needs. You're not the primary focus in your life anymore. Everything you do likely has those little bundles of joy in mind. But, your self-neglect may actually do more harm than good, even where your kids are [...]

Pitching A Camping Vacation To The Fam

Dads are drawn to the Great Outdoors like women are to Ryan Gosling. There is just something so alluring about its natural beauty that’s hard to resist. I’m talking about camping, not Mr. Gosling! Unfortunately, the family never feels the same way about going on a camping vacation. To [...]

How To Prepare for Your Baby’s Arrival

If the big day is approaching fast and you are already anxiously anticipating your baby’s arrival, you need to make sure that you are fully prepared. Don’t fret too much; this guide is here to give you a helping hand and talk you through a few of the things [...]

5 Tips For Planning A Family Ski Holiday

Thinking of taking the family on a ski trip? We may be nearing the end of ski season now, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still start preparing for next winter. Here are some tips for booking a ski holiday that’s both affordable and enjoyable for all. Take advantage [...]

Keeping Your Kids Safe: Tips For When You’re Out And About

Being a parent is incredibly stressful, but there is nothing more terrifying than the thought of losing your child. Unfortunately, this is what loads of parents have to go through every single day. Luckily, most of these children are found fairly quickly and safely, but there are some that [...]

Why Patience Saves Divorce Proceedings

Divorce is never fun. However, there are better and worse ways to pursue the process. This means working within limits. It might mean shouldering a massive degree of professional communication and simple language. It might mean limiting contact where necessary or having the process take place in separate areas [...]

The struggle of raising your first born and working in your bedroom.

There is no higher blessing than the opportunity as a parent to raise a first-born child. The massive amount of emotions we get to experience when the first son or daughter arrives simply cannot be compared. It is the time to start learning by practicing the hard job of [...]

Baltic Amber: One Dad’s Saving Grace

My wife and I had been trying for a baby for several years and nothing had worked. We met with a fertility specialist and started the process of IVF. Twelve months later we welcomed our beautiful daughter Grace. She was everything we had prayed for and more. Parenthood was [...]

4 Ways to Bond With Fellow Seniors at Church

Attending church regularly may lower your risk of depression (and associated problems like substance abuse), but it can also help you connect with fellow senior citizens. More than 50% of adults over the age of 75 live alone and 40% of senior citizens report that TV rather than human [...]

Living On A Family Budget

Having a family means you’re going to have a lot of expenses. The kids need feeding and clothing at the very least, and some toys to keep them having fun and developing as they grow older and older. But even so, there’s so much more you’re going to have [...]

Never Too Late! Repairing The Bond With Your Father Later In Life

Communication is one of those lifelong problems that we all suffer from, especially when it comes to certain family members. While you might consider your relationship with your father to be fraught at best, when you take into account the tragedy of the later years, and all of the [...]

Budgeting Tricks To Teach Your Kids

Everyone goes through hardships from time to time. While it’s not something you’d wish for your children, it is something you should prepare them for. Learning how to budget is important, and can be a good way to teach your kids about managing their money. While budgeting isn’t always [...]

Dating After Divorce: It Doesn’t Have To End In Disaster

Vulnerable, hurt, and alone are just some of the emotions that you can go through as divorcee once your marriage has dissolved. These can be things that can lead you to jump back into the dating game as soon as possible to find another mate. However, the dating scene [...]

Get Connected. Someone’s life may be counting on it.

Once again, we have a shooting in a school. Once again, everyone is pushing some sort of policy agenda. I think that the reality is that there are some things we can control and some things that we cannot. Larger policy changes are things that, while we can have [...]

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Building Your Brood: How To Prepare For Your Second Child

Adjusting to parenthood can be a tough task, but the challenge becomes even more difficult when you introduce a new addition to the mix. Going from one child to two brings a series of changes, and it’s important for you as a parent to adapt to having two kids [...]

What happens when you get divorced?

Divorce is not something you wish upon any married couple. It can tear a family apart, and be really hard for the children to come to terms with. Even if the two of you split up amicably, it will still be a new world for your children, and they [...]

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