Caring For Yourself = Caring For Your Children

When it comes to being a parent, it’s easy to neglect your needs. You’re not the primary focus in your life anymore. Everything you do likely has those little bundles of joy in mind. But, your self-neglect may actually do more harm than good, even where your kids are concerned.

Think about it; children are observant. They’re going to notice everything you do or don’t do when it comes to self-care. What’s worse, it’s possible they’ll notice areas of neglect and develop the same bad habits. Bear in mind that children of smokers are twice as likely to smoke. It makes sense, then, that children of someone who doesn’t take care of themselves would make the same mistakes. You could even argue that. by taking care of yourself, you can actually teach your kids a thing or two. And, that could make all the difference to everybody’s quality of life down the line.

But, which areas should you focus on here? Read on to find out.

Regular dental checks

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Every parent knows their baby needs to go to the dentist around six months after their first tooth erupts. What’s more, they then need to go for check-ups every six months to ensure all is well. And, you, too, should be going for checkups every six months. Sadly, an astounding amount of adults neglect this aspect of their health, with one-third of U.S. adults avoiding the dentist. If you fall into that category, it’s past time you did something about it. Bear in mind that you’re going to struggle to get your kids going if you don’t do the same. Even if you do manage to get them into that chair, they may neglect to attend once the responsibility falls on their shoulders. To make sure that doesn’t happen, set the right example. Attend appointments with them, and let them see you getting your teeth checked, too. That way, they’ll always want to keep their teeth ship-shape like their dad’s!

Don’t avoid going to the doctor

Along the same vein, it’s crucial you stop putting off visits to your doctor. We all make this mistake from time to time. Life is busy, and it’s probably nothing anyway, right? Perhaps, but it’s still essential your kids see you seeking medical help sometimes. This doesn’t need regular checks like your teeth. But, you should book an appointment if you’re worried or injured. If your kids see you putting this off, what’s to stop them doing the same? And, sure; most of these issues clear themselves. But, is that a risk you want your kids taking with their lives? Of course not, so book up and let them know you’re doing it. You could even take them along to your appointments, and use this as a chance to get them used to doctor’s visits. That way, they’ll get two lessons in one here. That’s double the chances that they’ll make an appointment the moment they feel unwell during their adult years.

Do evident exercise

You’ve likely already heard the shocking fact that 1 in 5 children in the U.S. is now obese. With that in mind, you need your kids to start exercising as much as possible. What’s more, this is a habit they really need to take into later life to keep them fit and healthy. And, to make sure they do that, you need to get into the habit of an evident exercise routine which sets the right tone. For one, you should do gentle exercises and encourage your kids to join. Simple things, like home workouts, should be easy enough to manage for everyone. Keep things gentle and regular to set this off on the right note.

It’s also worth taking your practice further, in the hope your children do the same later in life. This can be a challenge if you haven’t worked out often before, but you and your kids will benefit from it. The trick is to try different things until you find something which works. It can even be worth giving yourself incentives to get you going. You could set yourself the challenge of only listening to your favorite bands while you’re out on a run. By investing in some bluetooth headphones like those found at headphonesaddict, this is an achievable goal. Or, perhaps you only allow yourself to watch television after you’ve done an hour at the gym. Either way, getting into this habit makes it much more likely your kids will one day do the same. And, that’s got to be a good thing when it comes to their health.

An organized life

On a more fundamental level, it’s essential you get general organization under control. If your house is often messy there’s more chance your kids will live the same way. Equally, if you’re always late, your children may take on your terrible timekeeping. To ensure no bad habits like this emerge, take time to organize your life, and encourage your kids to do the same. Develop rotas around the house, and include the whole family within them. This way, your kids will actively come into contact with your organization attempts. These rotas could be about anything, from television time to cleaning. Whatever helps to keep your home harmonious and healthy, you should get on top of this. Make sure, too, to always be on time where your kids are concerned. If they’re often late for school, they’ll get in trouble for your bad timekeeping. As well as breeding resentment, this is sure to set the wrong impression for them to copy. Instead, always set your alarm early and leave well within your time. It’s better to drop them off at the school gates ten minutes early than ten minutes late. The same rules apply for any other appointments you take your kids along for. And, it might be worth tackling this outside of your family, too. Getting sacked because you couldn’t turn up on time might be hard to explain to impressionable children.

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Julian Caldwell

Julian Caldwell

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