Can Technology Keep You Down With The Kids?

Yes, technology can most definitely keep you down with the kids. After all, technology is what the new generation is growing up with. They probably know more than you, which can be rather embarrassing. You’re suddenly the old parent who knows nothing, and they’re there whizzing away on every single piece of technology that crosses their path. Technology is what they’re growing up with, and if you want to be able to connect with them, then you’re going to have to get to grips with some of the new technology that we’re seeing today. Not even that, you need to get to grips with some of the technology that has been around for years, and the tech that is shaping our future generation. Here’s how you can do just that.

Through Phones

It’s no secret that a lot of children are glued to their phones. Hopefully, you’ll wait for them to get a little bit older before that happens. But the age at which it is happening seems to be dropping every year. So, if you want to keep down the kids, you’re going to need to get clued up about phones. Not just so you know how to use them, but so that you can buy them the best model when they need a new phone. The younger the child, the older the model of a phone should be. So, a good starting phone at the minute would be an iPhone 6. It’s three models behind what we’re currently on, so it’s nice and cheap but still full of the right tech. If you get one and you need to know how to unlock it, you can do so on Why The Lucky Stiff. You then need to make sure that it has all the right parental controls on it. Whilst this might not seem like being down with the kids, you need to protect them from seeing the things that young eyes really shouldn’t see. But, letting them have an up to date phone is a great way for you to keep in touch with them when you’re not around and gives them a good way of keeping in touch with their friends.

Through Gaming

Now, this is something that you can really bond with your child over. Boy or girl, then all love gaming. Old school games like Mario Kart and the new Crash Bandicoot are the best ones to play. You could even get the latest version of the Nintendo Switch. It comes with plenty of games, most of them two players, and you can take it on the go with you for you and your children to play! They will absolutely love it, and it’ll definitely make you seem like the cool parent.

Through Education

We have to try and keep it educational at some point, don’t we! Most of the ways of staying cool and educational involve technology. If you have a laptop, you can sit down with your child once or twice a week, and play some maths or science games to help them learn. They’ll think of it as a game, and it’ll help to keep them so much more engaged. It’ll definitely make you the cooler parent compared to if you were forcing them to sit and do their homework…which you should always do!

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