Can Noah Come Out and Play?

The little girl stands at the doorstep, smiling after asking the question.

Noah shouts hello to the little girl, then asks “can I go out please Daddy?”

I begrudgingly say, “yes” and give him a five-minute limit.

As he runs out, there are more kids all laughing and giggling instantly reminding me of a Rugrats episode.

I watch him running around, chasing and being chased.

He knows not to cross the road or too far along the pavement even when the other kids do.

Watching them cross the road he looks back at me with sadness, so I walk out, hold his hand and lead him across the road to his friends playing on the green.

He looks so happy, never giving me a second thought.

Right then I realize I’m losing my playmate, who can I relive a childhood with?

Who can I chase around the garden?

He’s growing up too quickly.

Of all the moments I thought would make me feel low, this wasn’t on the list.

Sometimes this fatherhood thing sucks!



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Craig Titchener

Craig Titchener is a whiskey-loving mechanic/poet living in Garndiffaith, South Wales. He can often...

Can Noah Come Out and Play

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