Be Yourself

What does it mean to “Be Yourself?” This is something that I have been struggling with for the past 8 years. I often wonder if others are feeling the same thing. If they maybe too are struggling with who they are? …and where they fit?

This word has beaten me up pretty hard and I beIieve it was my fault for holding everything in and not expressing my emotions.  I will not put this next part on anyone except myself,  they say the success of the family is dependent upon both parents. Right?  Well I was only raised by my mother and emotions is something we didn’t have in our household and I wonder how it shaped me today.  All of these mixed emotions have really compressed as my adult life took shape and sent me into a depressive spiral. Fighting through whatever web of sadness that surrounds me we need to be the best we can be for our kids.

Because let’s face it for a second. This world is a very scary place and why should anyone live in fear?

Daily I try to teach our daughter all the right values and to BE FEARLESS,  To BE BRAVE enough to become the person you were meant to be.

Don’t get me wrong, I one hundred percent allow her to have emotions and as a 2-year-old she understands them better than I do, I’ve already written a blog on this previously called Food Color Emotions.

So many of you parents have woken me in a sense and I will be forever grateful for your stories. Now awaken a bit I feel so new to this world. I’m new to social media, I’m new to writing, I’m new to being a partner for my wife and most importantly I’m new to being a dad.  I feel like I’ve maybe been living in a cave or far away on an island and for someone who has only wanted to be a dad it’s all very sad.

So many of you parents have woken me in a sense and I will be forever grateful for your stories. Click To Tweet

I mean we all make mistakes.

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What matters most is what we learn from them!

Teaching “BE YOURSELF”

I am still working on the learning from my mistakes part although I’m sure we can agree on we need to seize every moment because this life is too precious to waste!

By the time you blink that time is gone and we as parents need to be building up our kids up and inspiring them to be themselves.

As a dad, safety is always a priority! I try to accomplish this by letting her be the crazy little girl she is, by giving her the freedom to make her own choices, whether what she watches or the clothes she wears. Our homeschool preschool is even set up in an open type fashion so she can come and go from activities as she pleases. I am always trying to teach her to BE HERSELF be letting her be the spontaneous and imaginative girl she is!

To live your life with purpose and everything else will fall into place!

Although I finally know where I fit in this world due to these two girls!

I fit in as a husband.

I fit in as a dad!

How do you inspire your kids to be themselves? Do you do anything special or just let them be them?


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