Baltic Amber: One Dad’s Saving Grace

My wife and I had been trying for a baby for several years and nothing had worked. We met with a fertility specialist and started the process of IVF. Twelve months later we welcomed our beautiful daughter Grace. She was everything we had prayed for and more. Parenthood was as blissful as all the Hallmark cards had suggested. A baby had definitely made our nights longer, our days shorter, our bank accounts emptier but our hearts fuller. How had we gotten so lucky?

Fast-forward eight months to the notorious phase known to parents across the world as “teething”. My once sweet, cooing baby girl had now become a screaming-at-3-am, drooling-and-gnawing-on-everything-we-owned, not-sleeping-a-wink teething monster. How did this happen and what do we do to fix it? As a new dad and a SAHD at that, I felt this was my personal mission to restore peace to my household and my baby girl.

I took my question to the internet and found several suggestions and several desperate cries for help. With everything out there, how did we even have the teething phase anymore? I found that Grace was not like other babies. Teething medicine wouldn’t work, frozen teething toys would upset her, and to be honest, my lack of knowledge and pure existence seemed to irritate her even more. I felt like I was failing.

One of my friends from college was in town visiting and stopped by to meet the new addition. He noticed the drool all over everything and asked if we had been graced (no pun intended!) by the presence of the teething monster. He then told me about his wife’s “hippy cure” and how he was reluctant until he had seen it work with his own eyes. My old college bud had suggested a baltic amber necklace.

What is Baltic amber? Baltic amber is named from the region it’s found in. This particular amber is renowned for its abundant healing properties in European and Asian countries, and it has been said that this amber has some of the highest traces of succinic acid found in natural amber today. Baltic amber is harvested from cities bordering the eastern coast, more specifically Estonia, Lithuania and Latvia. The sap from this regions conifer trees is collected and then the resin is separated and made into amber.

Amber is found in various colors, however, the color of the amber does not affect it’s healing properties. When purchasing amber necklaces, you’ll find that they come in various lengths and even raw vs. polished. How does amber teething necklaces work? Amber teething necklaces work by your body heating up the amber, allowing the resin containing the succinic acid to seep through the pores of the bead and into your baby’s bloodstream.

Succinic acid is the component responsible for relieving your baby’s swollen gums, helping the waterfall of drool coming from your teething monster, and overall lifts your baby’s mood. Amber is notorious for it’s anti-inflammatory properties, it’s mood stabilizing effects, and for the antioxidant-rich resin. Since your body heats the amber and gets the medicinal benefits through the bloodstream, there is absolutely no reason that your baby should chew on the beads.

If you’re worried about the teething necklace becoming a choking hazard, you can buy a slightly longer length and wrap it around their ankle. This prevents any temptation for putting the beads inside their tiny mouths. We are two months into our teething journey with Baltic amber and I couldn’t be any more thankful for my old college buddy’s “hippie advice”. It restored my sanity, impressed my wife, and made my baby the happy, vivacious, less cranky little one that I remembered bringing home. You could say that Baltic amber was my family’s saving grace.

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