The struggle of raising your first born and working in your bedroom.

There is no higher blessing than the opportunity as a parent to raise a first-born child. The massive amount of emotions we get to experience when the first son or daughter arrives simply cannot be compared.

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It is the time to start learning by practicing the hard job of parenthood, a challenge that requires a lot of faith and perseverance. Having a child implies changes to parents’ lifestyle – sleepless nights, baby bathing, and dressing your baby. When it comes to work, some changes are mandatory.

The child will eventually grow, and mothers will have to start working again indistinctively if they work in the comfort of home, for example.  The struggle of parents who work inside or outside the house is different, but regardless this variance, the struggle will always take its place. There is always a pathway to accomplish raising your beloved kid while working in your bedroom if you stick to God’s will and some key features.

The most crucial thing to consider about work and parenthood is that both are very important. We know God is our sufficiency in our moments of troubles and needs, but we also know that working is part of the will of God and that through our work God supplies our family. Good parenthood is crucial as well, as you are the role models for your child, this little creature that will absorb any information seen, heard, felt or smelt.

You will have to get used to an agitated routine in which work and parenthood will have to be equally balanced, for you to spend enough time with a kid that longs your love more than anything. Working with your bedroom door open is usually helpful, but being visually present is not enough, as the distance your kid might feel when mother or father are working must be eliminated to avoid future problems of communication and for their safety. It is important to focus on the job when it is necessary, but it is never going to be the same as working without a child.

One incredible feature of working at home for Catholic families is the opportunity to be fully present and aware in the religious formation of the child. Taking time to read the Bible during breaks can be life-changing for your kid and the connection you will create with your child and with God himself.

In addition, home care is one commonly forgotten and taken lightly aspect when parents discover themselves filled with work and parenting obligations. Home is a sacred place and if you want to raise your child with the values of your religion, they need to understand the importance of taking care of the sacred place they live in, in which God presents itself every day in different ways.

“For if someone does not know how to manage his own household, how will he care for God’s church?” Timothy 3:5

As perfectly said in the Bible, your house is the place in which parental guidance and care need to be fully present, a place where the baby is going to discover the religion, friendship, sincerity and safe entertainment.

There is indeed some struggle to face when working in your house, specifically in the comfort of your bedroom, but good parents should take advantage of the situation and produce positive outcomes. You can mix parenthood with work in the most amazing ways, by always thinking about the wellbeing of your child and the path God is leading him or her. This is a perfect example to parents on how to successfully raise a child while taking care of them and working towards their necessities.

A good parent knows that working in the bedroom does not relegate the task of parenting, and a good balance between those two mandatory aspects will define the overall health of your first-born blessing.

“Train up a child in the way he should go; even when he is old he will not depart from it.” Proverbs 22:06

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Cady Calhousie

Cady Calhousie is a passionate writer and full time blogger for Baby Wisp. Her mission is to impart the good examples of parenthood learned from the loving family she grew up with. As a lover of parenting knowledge, she aspires to teach the key features a healthy and strong family requires either in good or bad moments.

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