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Ricky Dragoni is the author of “Prime Infinity” and “Ripples” published by Sarah Book Publishing. I am originally from Puerto Rico but have spent half of my life in Iowa. My true passions are writing and cooking. My favorite authors include Edgar Allan Poe and Gabriel Garcia Marquez. From an early age I started writing poetry and short stories. My books are born out of the nightmares of my mind then melded with my life experiences. I would describe my books as reality sprinkled with a good magical dose of faerie dust. I hope my books can be entertaining but also thought provoking. You can follow Ricky Dragoni on Twitter.

Hope and Actions: Don’t Depend On Hope For Success

Hope can be a beautiful thing, but it can also be a crutch. I know some of you are reading that and wondering what in the world do I mean?  Maybe I am crazy, or maybe I am an alien, but to me, hope is what fills the space [...]

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The Gentle Giant – Lessons in Empowerment From My Son

I am a lucky dad; both of my boys are well mannered and kind human beings. My little one Alonzo is especially sweet to everyone around him. He is also a big, strong dude. He is only eight years old but already over 110lb’s and can do more pushups [...]

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We Can’t Teach Our Kids Analysis Paralysis

In a world of never-ending options somehow we have to teach our children how to be decisive. Even us adults seem to get caught in the paralysis by analysis dilemma when it comes to decisions nowadays. But when I started my career as an author, it all finally clicked [...]

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In a Blink, They are Gone.

I remember Lorenzo running up and down the basketball court with a huge smile on his face, but oblivious to what was going on in the game; spacing out watching geese fly overhead while looking adorable in his baseball uniform, and running the wrong way while playing flag football. Then, [...]

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How to keep your shoes in the house. A Simple Lesson on Respect

I remember my mom grabbing my $100 pair of tennis shoes I had bought with my money, opening the front door and slinging them out onto the front lawn and sidewalk. I thought mom was bluffing until the moment when the shoes left her hand and slowly twirled in the [...]

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Stronger Than Ever. The Power Of Never Giving Up

“You can be tired after the game” I must have said it a million times already, to my boys and the kids I coach. We are just wrapping up the football season, and I hope if we have taught the kids anything is to work hard and be resilient. I [...]

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True Positivism

The most positive thing we can do in our children’s lives is, to be honest with them. As parents, we always want our kids to be happy, be positive and have a great outlook on life. As a coach, I can see a different side that I would never get to [...]

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Where have the manners gone?

The simplest and most effective thing a person can do to be personable is to have good manners. My mom thought me manners and how to be a gentleman since I was a young child. I remember sitting at a table and being quizzed about which spoon, fork or knife, [...]

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The Unstoppable Force

I thought I was persistent, and then I had my youngest child Alonzo. Ever since he was a baby he was the most relentless and stubborn person I have ever met in my life. We claim that he finally slept through the night when he was four, but he is [...]

Just Listen

“Really? Wow, that is very cool; of course, you can.” I keep answering and telling my little one as his story and abilities become more and more grandiose in his story. He is 8 and can tell quite the tall tale when it comes to his physical and athletic [...]

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The Internal Fire

As a Dad, we have to balance keeping our kid's feet firmly planted on the ground and letting their dreams and inspirations drive them.  Some days they want to play soccer in La Liga in Spain, all the while playing in the NFL, and let's not forget their work as an architect. [...]

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A Healthy Soul

What does being healthy mean? Being fit? Being active? Or does it mean something else? My boys are very active and being in sports is just a way of life in my house. I recently retired from playing semi-pro football and they are involved in many sports. They play football, [...]

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The Bond of Brothers

How do you teach someone to be a good sibling? Your sibling is both the person who you love the most growing up and the person who annoys you the most. You share unique experiences and they are your partner in crime as you become more independent. Like individuals, each [...]

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Childish Compassion

Key Takeaways We can learn much from watching our 8 year olds Puerto Rico is an awesome country :) I am so proud of my compatriot Monica Puig from Puerto Rico won the first gold medal my little country has ever won. Don't let old age jade you into [...]

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If you make a mistake, fix it. A dad’s message to his boys.

We often confuse being responsible for something with being accountable for it. It is easy to say, “I am sorry”, and thinking things get fixed, but unfortunately that is not how life works. Well it can work that way, but you will leave a long list of people who you [...]

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Faith in your brother

Having a pair of boys I work hard on stressing the importance of them sticking together. As they are getting older, and trips alone to the park and playing outside alone, becomes a more regular occurrence, it becomes more important that the stick together and always have each other’s back. [...]

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Be who makes you happy

By Ricky Dragoni Every parent wants nothing more, but for their kids to be happy. The problem is; how do we define happiness? As adults we have millions, if not billions of definitions of what it means to be happy. Yet somehow we want our kids to attain this mythical [...]

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The shirt off my back

The other night after dinner my oldest tells me: “I am glad Michael and Kelvin got to stay for dinner, it is late, their mom is at work, so they probably wouldn't have had dinner.” They were beautiful words coming out of my 11-year-old mouth. I agreed with him but tried not [...]

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“How would you like it if someone did that to you?”

How do you teach someone a skill that you haven’t mastered yourself? How do you lead someone through a journey you don’t quite know how to navigate yourself? How do you teach your sons to be forgiving when you are still learning how to forgive? This is the predicament I face as a father in trying to teach my sons how to be forgiving. With having two rambunctious boys in the house, there are plenty opportunities to teach them how to be forgiving. Someone is usually getting kicked, punched, stepped or elbowed by accident or “accident”, on a daily basis. So the lessons on how to properly apologize and how to forgive are quite frequent.

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