Drs. Cody & Aliena Davis

About Drs. Cody & Aliena Davis

Dr. Aliena's focus is on the unique needs of her pregnant and pediatric patients. In addition to the rigorous curriculum of chiropractic school, she has also taken many hours of postgraduate education to perfect her skills and expertise in caring for these unique populations. Dr. Cody has over eight years of experience as a licensed massage therapist, in addition to his chiropractic education, giving him the refined skill set necessary to properly care for those with Structural Shift, whether they aspire to be weekend warriors or simply desire to lead their family in an active lifestyle with ease.

Empowerment Through Healthcare Decision Making

Dads, when was the last time you scheduled a physical for yourself or took your child to their doctor appointment? If you can’t remember, or you can remember but just realized it was a long time ago, don’t feel bad. You’re not alone. It has been reported that women make [...]

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The Role of the Partner: Birth

40 weeks (give or take) have come and gone. The big day is here. Whether you’re driving her to the hospital or filling up the birthing tub in your living room, chances are you’re nervous and excited. Your biggest job during birth is to protect the laboring mother and her [...]

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The Role of The Partner: Postpartum

The Postpartum period is a time of significant adjustment for the entire family. Here are some things you can do to help your family transition into this new season. Protect her from naysayers. Again. Now that the baby is here, some people will continue to offer unsolicited advice.  Again, if [...]

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The Role of Partner: Pregnancy

As the non-pregnant partner, pregnancy can be a confusing time. Friends, family, and strangers usually focus on the expecting mother and the non-pregnant partner can feel left out, which can then lead to feelings of guilt for being upset. Knowing that your partner is the one who will be doing [...]

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