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Craig Titchener is a whiskey-loving mechanic/poet living in Garndiffaith, South Wales. He can often be found walking his dog in the beautiful Welsh countryside. He owns many watches and almost as many empty bottles of whiskey. Find him on Twitter @craigtitchener. Craig has graciously accepted the role as GetConnectDAD’s Poet Laureate.


Father! there are some that do not deserve that title, not realizing that every child needs someone so vital. To be a parent, is a honour not a necessity, and yet some quickly relinquish all responsibility. Stuck in a situation of not our own circumstance, and yet we're labelled a [...]

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Faithfully His

My visions lost within a love excelled, Arms outstretched with a want to be held, I reach down and hold such a beautiful dream, As I look into his eyes I drown within a deep serene. A giggle echoes from a single baby tooth smile, This may not be heaven [...]

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Happiness That Followed

 It's a feeling that I've never felt, Nor have I ever known. Yet from the moment you were born, This feeling along with you has grown. From the moment of your first smile, To the giggle from your lips. I knew as long as I had you in my [...]

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A PRICELESS GENEROSITY. How can I teach him all he needs to ever know, When I don't know it all. How can I expect him to stand tall on his own two feet, When I have known only to fall. How can I ask him to learn all he can [...]

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I hope my son grows to be who he wants

Growing up with just a mum, life wasn't always easy, I learned not to want things, to ask for things because I knew my mum couldn't afford it and why should she cry over material things, immaterial possessions. I remember when I was about nine, in town and my mum saying [...]

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Unconditional Love

For all the occasions, In fatherhood of sheer frustration. It's a fit of shouting and screaming, For no apparent reason. When we're crossing the road, Yet refusing my hand to hold. There's toys all over the floor, And you still want more. It's one in the morning, You're showing [...]

Be a good Steward

YOU CHANGED ME. Since the first moment I saw you, I lost myself within your eyes, And everytime since like an epiphany, I realise. I want to be someone that earns your respect, And I promise to give you everything even if it means I have nothing left. Like a [...]

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I don't remember a single birthday spent with my dear old dad,Guess that was a privilege or a curse that I never had. Father figured had been shrouded in a disfigured mystery, So you could say childbirth finally made a man of me. When I first held you I knew [...]

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Seeing through me, needing me

It's not a drug substance nor a alcoholic drink addiction, But it's much more than a want, it's a need infliction. I can see it in his gaze when I enter and leave the room, I guess it was inevitable that it happened not a moment to soon. Some would [...]

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I’ve lost count

I've lost count, counting every strand of your hair, watching every expression on your mini me face without a single care. I've wiped your tears on occasion then felt mine rise to the surface, and yet a beautiful reality relates finally giving me a sole purpose. I've felt useless when [...]

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