About Shawn Smith

Shawn Smith is a pastor in the Presbyterian Church USA, married to his best friend, and has five amazing children. He shares his thoughts on everything from being a parent to stuff that gets thrown our way in life, but mostly it’s about hope for this life in and through Jesus at https://sentoutone.com. You can follow in on Twitter


Why is it so hard to forgive? First of all we have to be wronged in order to forgive. We don’t go around pre-forgiving someone for something that has not yet happened to us. Secondly, forgiving involves our emotions. When we have been wronged there are a whole mess of emotions that flood into our lives. […]

Father: A Faithful Steward

Being someone who grew up in a Christian Church setting I heard the word “Stewardship” with a fair amount of regularity. Typically that word was connected with money, which is understandable because everyone needs it to accomplish their goals even congregations.

It wasn’t until I became a father that the word “stewardship” became more than money. Having children […]