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Julian Ivey-Caldwell founded GetConnectDAD with one simple goal: Connect more families to their kids. Julian works a day job and spends his evenings (after the family retires) continuing to grow this platform. Because he travels a great deal for his “day job,” he is intensely focused on trying to find better ways for fathers and mothers who work long hours, different hours, or unusual hours find better ways to be engaged.

The Dos And Don’ts Of Buying A Computer For Your Kids

The Dos And Don'ts Of Buying A Computer For Your Kids It’s 2018, and that pretty much means all kids should have a computer. You don’t want them sitting in the house on it all the time, of course, but buying them a computer can mean enhancing their education, [...]

Can Technology Keep You Down With The Kids?

Yes, technology can most definitely keep you down with the kids. After all, technology is what the new generation is growing up with. They probably know more than you, which can be rather embarrassing. You’re suddenly the old parent who knows nothing, and they’re there whizzing away on every [...]

Why Patience Saves Divorce Proceedings

Divorce is never fun. However, there are better and worse ways to pursue the process. This means working within limits. It might mean shouldering a massive degree of professional communication and simple language. It might mean limiting contact where necessary or having the process take place in separate areas [...]

Never Hear Your Kids Utter The Words ‘I’m Bored’ Again

Think of something your kids say often. You know, sort of like a catchphrase. For many parents, that phrase will be ‘I’m bored.’ Kids say that a lot, don’t they? If yours don’t, then you obviously don’t need this article and you can go on your merry way! Oh, [...]

Helping A Child’s Self-Identity Come Out On Top

When it comes to helping our child develop healthily, self-identity is one of the harder aspects to truly nail down. It’s about confidence, but it’s also about how they see not only themselves but the world around them. It’s about their values, their sense of personality, and more besides. [...]

How To Keep Your Child Safe Online

If you’re raising a child in this world, then you’re bound to hit a point where they want to start using a computer/laptop/any other device with an internet connection. As a parent, you can’t really stop them from doing this as it’s part of life now. However, you still [...]

How to Persuade Unsure Toddlers to Eat New Foods

Young toddlers trying out different foods for the first time will naturally be hesitant. Their instinct is to distrust new things which can be frustrating for you, especially when you know what you are providing is delicious and nutritious. For some toddlers and parents, meal times can quickly become [...]

Providing Your Children With The Fun Winter Of A Lifetime!

Winter is very close to us now. The leaves have fallen from the trees, and our cars are now frostbitten every morning. If you haven’t been wrapping up warm, or have simply come into contact with other people, it’s likely that you’re sporting a cold. Between sneezes and trying [...]

Keeping Your Little Ones Safe This Winter

While winter is an exciting and magical time for your little ones, it just isn’t as safe as other seasons, which is why we need to take extra precautions. You children need a little extra attention to keep them happy and healthy, so I have compiled a list of [...]

Hobbies You Can Share With Your Child

Bonding with your child is an important part of our lives as a parent, we want to be able to talk to our children, have fun with them and be the one they confide in when they are in trouble. Part of bonding is finding things that you can [...]

Are You A Cool Dad? Or Are You Just Trying To Be?

The world of celebrity gives us a wide variety of cool dads. Will Smith, David Beckham, Neil Patrick harris, Ben Affleck (let’s face it, what’s cooler than being able to tell your kids you’re Batman and not be lying)… the list goes on and on. These guys seem to [...]

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Having A Dog Can Make Us Happier

If you’re in a family unit, it's guaranteed you’ll have your good and bad days. Sometimes one outweighs the other, and that’s fine when everyone is on a learning curve to living in harmony together. However, sometimes we do need a little help in making everyone in a household [...]

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Make Parenting Unique With These Great Gadgets

Technology is influencing our lives every day in business and in leisure, so it makes sense that our parenting is going to be enhanced by it, too. In this day and age, parents need all the help that they can get to make life run as smoothly as possible, [...]

Practical Items That Will Give A Nervous Child Comfort

Some children have entirely unique personalities that don’t conform to what the rest of the children around them do or think. Your child may be overtly sensitive or perhaps suffering from some form of psyche issues that transform everyday task and activities into anguish and anxiety. It's key that [...]

Oh No…It’s Twins!

So, you’re having twins - congratulations! It’s going to be a fantastic experience, and your two little ones are going to have wild times together, keep each other company, and be the best of friends for life. Maybe. At some point in the very distant future, with any luck. [...]

Can You Keep Your Kids Grounded In A Modern World?

Isn’t it every parent's wish for their children to turn out happy and well-rounded? Well, sometimes, that's easier said than done. Because wanting something to happen and actually make it happen, is a whole other story. Especially in today’s modern world. A childhood today isn’t quite what it was [...]

Are You Worried About Keeping Your Kid On Track?

As parents, we will always worry. Not only will we worry about our kids as they start school, go out on their own for the first time, and even go off to college, there’s also one kind of worry that stays with us constantly. And that’s ensuring that they [...]

Is Your Child Really Enjoying School?

As a parent, it can often be frustrating that you can’t always be there for your child. When they are particularly young, you probably sometimes find yourself wishing that you could be by their side all the time, to offer support and help if something goes wrong. But the [...]

Sleep Struggles Stressing You Out? Try This For More Sleep All-Round

Being a parent is such a blessing, but it can also feel bittersweet at times. When your kids are crying, or behaving badly, you can start to feel really stressed out. But these things can often be resolved relatively easily, and harmony can be restored once again. One thing [...]

If you give your kid a cell phone, kiss your family goodbye.

I get it. “We can’t organize all of our activities without a phone.” “My kid is different, they only use it for calling me.” “If my kid doesn’t have a phone, they will be picked on.” “Smart Phones are not as bad as everyone says.” “In an emergency, my kid can get help immediately.” All of these statements are decent arguments for a cell phone for a child at a reasonable age. The question is, what is the reasonable age? I believe the negative impacts of a child having a cell phone before the age of 16 far outweighs the positive.

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